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Ocean Link

Maintenance, tank cleaning, plumbing, watermakers and fuel systems in the Ted Hood Marine Complex in Portsmouth, Rhode Island.
Ocean Link is your premier source for marine tanks. We offer hundreds of high quality, heavy wall plastic tanks for water, waste, diesel,and gas.

Custom Installations & Sound Engineering
Your source for Tanks, Marine Plumbing and Air Conditioning
"Call and ask about our Specials for Watermakers"
We are happy to help the "do-it-yourselfer"
We stock many hard to find plumbing parts to make your job easier.

Ocean Link provides mobile service to yachts located in Rhode Island and Southeastern Massachusetts. Our technicians are factory trained on the various systems we handle. We are fully insured.
We design, sell, and install the most reliable and odor free systems possible. We can spec a system for a small runabout with a simple head to a sophisticated waste treatment system on a multi passenger vessel. The most important element of the system is how the system is plumbed. If a sanitation system is plumbed improperly then toilets will fail, clogging and odors will become a problem. Our philosophy is simple; eliminate standing waste everywhere in the system.

Sanitation systems must move the waste efficiently from the toilet to the point where the waste leaves the boat or problems will occur sooner rather than later. We recommend that all toilets be plumbed directly to a holding tank with no vented loops or valves in the line. Ocean going vessels should have a waste pump and a deck discharge fitting. Vessels on inland waters can skip the pump if the vessel never has a chance of seeing the ocean. The deck discharge and the overboard pump should each have their own dip tube (or pick up tube) in the waste tank, once again no T’s or three way valves should be in either of these lines. Direct connections make installing and operating the system very simple. We’ve seen countless times where the valve positions have been confused, and have lead to clogging and overfilling the waste tank. These are problems that NO ONE wants to fix.

See our Holding Tank schematic

We use dip tubes (pick-up tubes) instead of a fitting located at the bottom of the tank. Dip tubes eliminate having standing waste accumulate in the discharge line as the tank fills. Dip tubes maximize the volume by emptying the tank with very little residual waste left in the bottom; this ensures constant flow through the system.

The waste pump should be at the highest point in the overboard discharge line, this allows any residual waste in the lines to drain back into the tank or overboard through the seacock when the pump stops running. We meet the U.S.C.G. regulations by using a key switch for the waste pump. The Coast Guard requires that a sanitation system be secured while a vessel is less than three miles offshore, we meet this requirement by using a key switch on our waste pump. This allows the operator of the vessel to “lock” the system from discharging overboard.

Any toilet will perform to its maximum capability if the waste handling part of the system is set up as described as above. We can supply all the components of a good functional waste system from toilet to seacock including the expertise.
Tank Sentry
Our programmable fluid level monitors provide reliable and accurate Tank level indication. There are no moving parts to foul, or electrical components inside the tank. Unaffected by floating solids or stray current, Tank Sentry is the ideal solution for the toughest of fluid level monitoring assignments.

All Tank Sentries operate on 12- 32 volt DC power. With a few simple adjustments they are capable of monitoring tanks from 6 inches to 6 feet deep, right out of the box. All models have 10% incremental LED displays.

Tank Penetration
Headhunter’s Commercial Tank Penetration Assemblies are precision machined from fireproof materials for safety and confidence in your fuel tank monitor installations.

Tank Sentry 2 - Computerized Level Monitoring System
The Headhunter Tank Sentry 2 System is an easy to install and calibrate software, hardware package.

It is comprised of one Senturion digital interface with up to 8 tank sensors, and a software package installed on a vessels computer.

With a user-friendly interface, simple calibration, and flexible configuration, Tank Sentry 2 is the most versatile and accurate tank monitoring system on the market.

SYM 3Q - Fluid Level Sensor
The SYM 3Q is an excellent fluid level sensor for computer, PLC, and all other vessel monitoring applications. The SYM 3Q monitors the fluid level of the tank by utilizing a integrated solid state controlled silent bubbler system to measure the hydrostatic pressure at the bottom of the tank and convert it to an accurate analog voltage signal.

Ocean Link has the technical expertise to engineer and install the perfect freshwater system on any vessel. We specialize in the finer details that are often overlooked; like noise in the living space from the pump, and filtered sterile water at the sinks, endless freshwater, pressure like home, enough hot water for a teenager. Our attention to detail makes your vessel a more comfortable place to live.

Our experience servicing freshwater systems has given us intimate knowledge of what works and what doesn’t. We rely on this knowledge when we recommend specific features that work for your vessel. Most fresh water systems can easily be improved with minor modifications to one or two components. If a refit is in order we can provide complete systems that include everything; even period fixtures for classic boats, we overlook nothing.
Pompanette Air Conditioners have been designed from the ground up for the rigors of the sea! Incorporating tried and true technology and creative use of composites to eliminate rust, the entrapment of condensate water and its inherent Odors and Bacteria!

Noise and Vibration have both been addressed in their product. New and innovative (patented) Designs, processes and procedures have been employed to specifically reduce and isolate the noise associated with air conditioners.

The Pompanette Group of Companies is world renowned for quality products and excellent customer service. Pompanette Air is an extension of that reputation.

Ocean Link
3 Maritime Drive, Suite 6
Portsmouth RI 02871

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