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Atlantic Saltwater Fly Rodders

With the creation of the "Atlantic Saltwater Flyrodders" comes the beginning of a new tradition of excellence in the ever evolving sport of saltwater flyrodding. Although founded with a dedication toward camaraderie of sharing the amazing new material, techniques, and tackle available to our sport today, it is by no mysterious force that we are here, albeit a past precedence of these same values.

It was in our same saltine area, more than thirty years ago, that a similar organization was founded. Because these early sportsmen put their emphasis on their tackle they called themselves "flyrodders" rather than flyfishermen, and their club became known as the "Salt Water Fly Rodders of America." Hence the beginning of the term we use for our sport today, and an organization that finally allowed it to stand on its own. It was through their efforts of hard work and dedication that our sport has spread as it has, for, had we not had a "S.W.F.R.A" past, we would not be enjoying an "A.S.W.F.R." present. With their rich legacy, though, comes not only the continuing growth of saltwater flyrodding but also the fundamentals it was built on: The camaraderie of sharing the flyrod experience.

Since S.W.F.R.A.'s demise in 1977, the sport has continued to grow by these same charitable fundamentals, much of which has been carried on by the many sportsmen who have passed through its doors. What better example, for those that were there, than the hospitable Tuesday night flytying meetings at Bob's house? And for those who weren't, suffice it to say that if 1992 was the birth of "Atlantic Salt Water Fly Rodders", then 1987 was its conception, for that was the year that Bob Popovics opened his doors to any and all with a flyrodding interest. For the next five years, through winter and spring, these sessions drew sportsmen from near and far. From novice beginners to the most accomplished, from new fly patterns to the latest techniques, all were shared in the friendliest of atmospheres and the name of good will. So successful was the growth of the turnouts that they could no longer be held in a private home, and so our club was formed.

We really don't know why the phenomenon of sharing and camaraderie exists so strongly in our sport, but that it does is self-evident. For wherever saltwater flyrodders meet, be it bay, surf, or ocean, strangers become friends and the knowledge of our sport grows.It was these selfless principals that have given us our beginnings and, above all else, it is these principals that we support.

This is what the ATLANTIC SALT WATER FLYRODDERS is all about.

Atlantic Saltwater Fly Rodders
P.O. Box 457
Seaside Park New Jersey

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