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XYZ Marine Products

Leading innovation in boat anchor design
Extreme’s striking functionality is an outward expression of fresh thinking that challenges long-held

The XYZ Extreme Boat Anchor® is used by US Navy for special and the most demanding applications.
XYZ boat anchor is also the choice of Oceaneering International global offshore oil provider with a focus on
deepwater applications that also serves the US defense and NASA agencies.

HEAVY FRONT BALLAST, the Extreme is engineered to enhance the most fundamental features:
ultra large, heavy and sharp FLUKE SURFACE and ULTRA SHORT AND STRONG SHANK.
These innovations enable almost 80% of the boat anchor’s weight to be in the fluke surface –
the only anchor part that produces holding power!

The design features force the XYZ anchor to set almost instantly in demanding anchoring
bottoms - EXTREMELY DEEP for ultimate holding power, and HOLD regardless of
angle of pull. Once set, even under the most adverse conditions, the Extreme boat anchor
will NOT BREAKOUT. IT WILL HOLD! The holding power exceeds the strength of the rode
and most other hardware. Cutting Edge Science – the Cutting-Edge Saw Blade
enables cutting through hard to penetrate bottoms: slippery weeds, corals*,
small rocks etc.

The 5th XYZ boat anchor generation, the Extreme boat anchor, is being built upon
an already proven superior product that was
RATED #1 in the major 2006-08 USA independent anchor tests.

The XYZ boat anchor has shown far superior holding power and
related 360° performance of any anchor
known to this date.
Founded in 2005, XYZ Marine Products looks at creativity as an "assumptions-breaking process" where creative ideas are often generated when one discards preconceived assumptions and attempts a new approach or method that might seem to mediocre unthinkable.
The XYZ Boat Anchor ® is a complex mechanism with no moving parts. With its striking functionality and appearance, it represents an outward expression of fresh thinking and a willingness to challenge long-held assumptions. XYZ operates on the belief that every doubt in the existing truth is progress by itself. Hard work is not crucial for success; it is the intellect that is a driving force of invention.

XYZ Marine Products
575 Main St. #1514
New York NY 10044
212 486 3912

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