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Kenrick Manufacturing

he Mighty Mite is a unique all in one anchor that holds in a variety of
bottom structures. Shell, rock, mud, and sand. It's hang & release design
makes it the most useful anchor you'll ever own.

The Mighty Mite started out as the best wreck anchor in the world. Famous
for holding on wrecks, reefs, and artificial structure. Soon after angler's
began to use the anchor in bays, flats, and jettys.

All aluminum construction with a heavy metal inner core gives the Mighty
Mite superior setting and hold power. Guides swear by it's quick set ability.
The Mighty Mite anchor tine is a mallable and designed to bend out
and release from structure when the right pressure is applied. Normally
only one or two tines will bend to release.

The tine or hook can be reshaped to use over and over again. Put the
tine on a hard surface and use the shaft of the anchor to apply slow
pressure. It will bend back into shape easily.
How to release a stuck anchor: Pull the slack line from the anchor rope. Put boat directly above the
anchor and tie rope off or cleat to bow. REVERSE engine slowly and the anchor should bend out. NEVER
A Mighty Mite is designed to bend free most of time and will come loose more often than fluke or shovel
anchors. However, there circumstances that it will not. If you have tried to free it and can't, it's best to cut
the rope.

Kenrick Manufacturing
29900 Hwy 191
Many LA 714499
888 868-0238

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