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JL Marine Systems Inc.

Catch more fish with the Power Pole!
With Power-Pole you can quickly and quietly stop your boat with the touch of a button. The Power-Pole will securely hold your boat in up to 8 feet of water — even during high winds and fast currents — without scaring away the fish you're trying to catch.

The Power-Pole works great in both fresh water and salt water.

Fishing Benefits

Holds your boat* in place with winds up to 30 mph.
Anchor deploys in seconds, with no loud splashing to scare away the fish
Prevents your boat from drifting while you're re-tying your line.
Ideal for sight fishing.
Stops your boat EXACTLY where you want to stop.
Doesn't muddy up the water or scare fish away like a trolling motor.
Holds in gravel, rock, sand, grasslines, oysterbars, sandpockets...without damaging sealife or ripping up seagrass!
Tough as steel, won't rust - guaranteed.
Perfect for fresh water AND salt water fishing!
Tough as steel, won't rust.
Fish WHERE you want, WHEN you want - you have TOTAL boat control with Power-Pole.
Drop it down, Lift it up from anywhere on your boat with just a push of a button.**

Pro and Sportsman models avalable in 6 and 8 foot depths.
*boats up to 25 feet in length.

shallow water sport fishing

Sport fishing requires the ability to stop your boat and work an area quickly and quietly as you spot or find your fish. With Power-Pole you can stop your boat quickly and quietly with the touch of a button and keep your boat securely in place, even in heavy wind and current. Power-Pole is also eco-friendly and causes no damage to the environment.

Power-Pole deploys quickly, fully deploys in 4.8 seconds, allowing you to position your boat right where you want it to make the perfect cast. The fast action of the Power-Pole gives you the control to stop as soon as you see a fish or hook one.


The Power-Pole slips into the water using a smooth and quiet pump system that doesn’t disrupt what’s going on below the surface. The clean design of the patented technology keeps your boat quiet and allows you to fish an area accurately and thoroughly. No more school blow-outs from a noisy clanky anchor or backwash from the trolling motor.

The amazingly strong Power-Pole with Ever-Flex™ technology, combined with ample hydraulic pressure will let you virtually lock your boat down right where you need it. With Power-Pole there is no drift, no tangled lines, and no damage to the environment.

Mounts Easily, Conveniently & Out of the Way
When you’re fishing, the last thing you want to hassle with is a pile of messy tangled anchor line, mud, and grass all over the interior of your boat.

The Power-Pole™ mounts on the transom, just above the waterline, or on an adapter plate utilizing your existing motor bolts, outside the boat and out of the way.

Transom Mount

Adapter Plate Mount

Model & Size Options Available
The laboratory tested and Patented Power-Pole™ is available in two Models. Power-Pole PRO and Power-Pole Sportsman.

The Power-Pole Pro Series is designed for the tournament or serious angler. Available in 6 and 8 foot lengths the Pro Series has been tournament tested and proven in the most harsh fishing conditions. Powered by our state-of-the-art Stealth pump system, the Pro quietly goes from full up to 8ft deep in 4.8 seconds, and is strong enough to hold boats up to 26ft in 30knot winds. Power-Pole Pro is the new “standard equipment” for the serious angler.

The Power-Pole Sportsman Series is perfect for the leisure fishing optimist. Designed for smaller boats, the control and ease the Sportsman provides takes the hassle out of boat positioning. The Sportsman has the same design and offers the same advantages of the Pro Series. Also available in 6 and 8 foot lengths, this Power-Pole is the perfect accessory to turn any fishing trip into an exciting fish catching experience.

JL Marine Systems Inc.
9208 Palm River Rd
Tampa, FL 33619
(813) 689-9932

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