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Givens Marine Survival Co., Inc.

After years of involvement in the area of safety and safety products, inventor and Anti-lock Brakes (ABS) patent-holder Frank Perrino became CEO of Givens Marine Survival Company. Givens Marine Survival Co. Inc., of Tiverton, Rhode Island manufactures and markets the Givens Buoy Life Raft in a variety of sizes and models for everything from sailboats to larger ocean-going vessels. To date, Givens has sold several thousand of the ballasted-inflatable life rafts, and this space-age technology is credited with saving the lives of over 450 seamen.

The Givens raft, designed by NASA, relies upon a heavy, water-filled ballast. A flapper valve allows large amounts of water—hundreds of gallons—to enter the hemispheric chamber. This water provides the ballast that keeps the center of gravity constant, much like the thousands of pounds of lead keel used to stabilize sailboats. This design makes the raft nearly impossible to capsize.

Givens Marine Survival manufacturing plant gives the company the flexibility to meet the increasing demand for high quality life saving equipment. New products are designed in our own research and development facility. New technology and automation allows GMS to build a superior quality product and meet our customer's time schedules.

Assembly and production is carefully monitored by quality inspectors to ensure that every raft is top quality. GMS strives to achieve the best life raft possible through research, development, rigorous testing and quality control to insure their customers satisfaction as well as their lives.

Givens Marine Survival CO., INC. is committed to innovation. New products and models can be designed in our own research and development facility, for the Marine Safety Industry. Visit our site periodically to get up-to-date information on these new products. GMS' new facility houses high - volume precision production equipment, increasing production efficiency. Assembly and production is carefully monitored by quality inspectors to ensure every raft measures up to the standard of excellence Givens Marine Survival requires of its products.

Our premium-quality life raft is the safest place to be when there's an emergency at sea. The Givens Buoy Life Raft has been tested by both the U.S. Coast Guard and the U.S. Navy, every time proving itself as the most stable life raft available. The Givens Buoy Life Raft will automatically re-right itself in breaking waves. And its insulated lining will help shield the survivors from the the effects of the elements, such as hypothermia.

With this amazing life saving technology, the Givens Buoy Life Raft will not capsize, even under the incredible stresses of hurricane force winds and 35 foot seas. In fact, it's the only life raft to have brought survivors through the eye of a hurricane and back — 190 knot winds and 35 foot seas could not capsize the Givens Buoy Life Raft. Click here to read the survivors' accounts from Hurricane Allen.

Givens Marine Survival Co., Inc.
550 Main Road
Tiverton Rhode Island

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