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Pine Level Bassmasters

Pine Level Bassmasters is an Alabama Bass Federation Club that fishes the
Alabama area lakes and rivers. We are constantly searching for new
members and encourage everyone (civilian, military, retired military) to
come and see what bass fishing in a competitive atmosphere is like.

We have an average attendance roster of 30-45 members throughout the year. We promote
the ideas of Bass conservation, environment, family, and friendship. We are not a "good 'ol
boy" club. We are professional and treat all with respect. You do not have to join the club
the first tournament and may select whom you would like to fish with.

We meet the second Thursday of each month and fish the following Saturday. The meeting
is held at BASS PRO SHOP in Prattville, AL at 6:30 p.m. At the meeting we discuss current
events that affect the club, federation, and TBF and FLW. We then decide where the club
will fish the following month, and then proceed with drawing of partners and sequence of
take-off for the beginning of the tournament, and the time of return. Currently there are
plenty of boats for non-boaters to participate.

The club is very competitive and we abide by TBF/FLW, Alabama Bass Federation Inc., as
well as, the club rules in each tournament that the club holds. Everyone has the opportunity
to compete for a position on the club-sponsored teams. The club has 12 slots (two, six
man teams) with an alternate for each team t hat competes in 2 of the 4 qualifying events
that Alabama Bass Federation Inc. has each year.

1. No alcohol permitted at any time during club activities.

2. Club supports TBF, Inc. and State Bass Federation.

3. Tournament dues are $25.00 payable before blast off.

4. Club annual dues are $20.00 payable in November of each year, after June dues will be
$10.00 for the remainder of the year. Dues paid after the month of January for current
members will be assessed a $5.00 delinquent fee to the treasury.

5. All club members must be members of The Bass Federation, Inc. (TBF) ($15.00 membership
fee) and Forrest L Woods Outdoors (FLW) ($35.00 membership fee) which is due at time of
club membership. Club will pay the $30.00 annual Club affiliation dues to the Alabama Bass
Federation, Inc. by 31 December each year.

6. The majority of current members must approve applications for new membership. Family
membership is accepted.

7. The perspective member must fish three tournaments, as a guest, prior to joining the club.
The minimum age to participate in a club tournament is 16 years old. The perspective member
may fish his first tournament with his sponsor. Payment of the $25.00 tournament dues will be
required prior to the tournament.

8. The club will sponsor the top six members as team entry to a state qualifying regional
tournament. The club’s point system will determine the top six members. Each year will be
divided into six months and the top two club members from each half, with lowest tournament
dropped, will be team members. The top two anglers from the AOY standings will be team
members. The third angler from the AOY standings will be sponsored as an alternate to the
qualifying regional tournament. Members must fish at least eight tournaments during the year
to be sponsored by the club. For angler of the year the lowest two tournaments will be dropped
(1 per six month period). New members that join the club after the start of a season must fish
2/3 of the seasons remaining tournaments to be eligible to be sponsored as a team member by
the club.

9. All members are encouraged to participate in all meetings and tournaments.

10. Club officers are to be elected in December of each year.

11. Club rules will be voted on once a year. Recommended changes will be in writing. Rule
changes will be accepted in Oct of each year and discussed. A vote will be taken on proposed
rule changes in Nov without any further discussion.

12. Club officers are to serve as the Board of Directors and to run the monthly tournaments.

13. Club meeting will be held on the second Thursday of each month with monthly tournaments
held on the following Saturday. The next month tournament site will be determined prior to
close of the monthly meeting. Nominations and a second for tournament sites will be made
from the members attending the meeting. A vote will be conducted to determine the
tournament site. No site shall be selected more than once during a six-month period. Club
members attending the meetings have the option to recommend changing the tournament site
due to heavy activity. Site can only be changed following majority vote.

14. When unsafe conditions do not allow a tournament site to be fished, the site will
automatically be the site of the next month tournament or consensus of the club can change a
tournament site.

15. For every minute late for weigh-in (up to ten (10) minutes) a one-pound penalty will be
subtracted from total weight. If more than ten (10) minutes late, boater and partner are

16. Five fish limit, 12 inches minimum length (or state law). Only five fish per person may be in
live well. Sixth fish is caught; you must cull before continuing fishing. Up to a six-foot net are

17. There will be a four-ounce penalty per dead fish.

18. Monthly tournament fee is $25.00, with $8.00 going to club treasury, $14.50 going to prize
fund, and $2.50 going to big fish pot.

19. Minimum/Maximum payback will be four places according to individual weight, 1st - 40%
–2nd – 30% – 3rd – 20% –4th –10% of prize fund and 2.50 x number of tournament fishermen

20. Members must be paid in full prior to launch to be eligible for prize fund.

21. When two boaters are drawn as partners, unless an agreement is mutually reached, the
first drawn will be the boater. At the next pairings Boaters who were Non-Boaters at the
previous tournament have the initial option to go as guaranteed Boater.

22. Members who cannot attend a meeting must send word of intent to fish by another club
member prior to drawing of partners to be eligible to fish the tournament.

23. After fishing 12 tournaments a member is eligible for a free club shirt, after 24 tournaments
a member is eligible for a free jacket.

24. All boat operators must have minimum liability insurance. All members and perspective
members must sign a release of liability form prior to fishing any tournament.


Copyright © 2003-2009 Pine Level Bassmasters All rights reserved.
Official Club Rules.

Pine Level Bassmasters

334) 285-9341

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