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One of the directions we want to try and take the Fly Shop at Troutflies, is to provide a platform for American Commercial fly tiers to display their wares. In many ways these folks have gotten the short end of the proverbial stick when it comes to being able to sell their flies. In practical terms it is very hard to compete with "off shore" flies that are tied at costs that are relative to the country or region they are being made. That is not to say they are not competitive actually they are very competitive particularly in this, the Internet medium. By the same token they are not approaching the three dollar a dozen variety by any stretch either. They cost more because they really do cost more!

What is unique, and really different, and actually exciting is for the first time one can shop and be able to choose flies from some of the best Fly Tiers in the Country, if not the World. We offer flies form the internatioanly acclaimed House of Harrop Family of Rene', Bonnie, Shane and Leslie. Ken Iwamasa offer works of Art that are unique in the world and original to him. Al and Gretchen Beatty provide some astounding Humpies and years of experience at the vice that is more than evident in each fly. Today we introduce flies tied by Bob Krumm.An outstanding World Class tyer and Guide. Bob's flies are just plain buggy. They are not only a joy to behold but they catch remember, that's object of all this fluff and puff... catching a few fish.

There are less expensive flies on the Net, in fact, there are tons of less expensive bugs around and almost without exception these flies are shown to the buying public in the smallest, low quality, most blurred photos imaginable. This is by design and the reason becomes crystal clear the moment one opens a five dollar a dozen package of flies. They are inexpensive for a reason and a large photograph would tend to show the customer…you, why they are inexpensive.

No one, least of all me, begrudges anyone buying the quality they want or can afford, but for all the hype and hoopla you still pretty much get what you are willing to pay for. A fifty cent fly is fifty cents for a reason. Some short cuts in tying the bug are taken or materials are skimped on or the tier is just not very good. High quality flies cost more to produce if for no other reason than they take more time to build, and when tying flies for sale, time is money.

The long and the short of it is this, the fish don't care if your reel is a six hundred dollar single bar stock of titanium or your rod is the state of the art carbon fiber or if you spent four digits getting to the waters edge. They will notice, for certain, the fly you tie on the end of your tippit.

Of all the places you could have cut corners, do you really think this should be the place to save fifty cents?

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San Carlos California

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