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Frisky Jenny Flies

Welcome to the Frisky Jenny Fly Company. A family owned business which began in Coeur d' Alene, Idaho in 1985, we have grown to offer not only high quality bucktail streamer flies, but one of the top performing planer boards on the market today. The fish catching reputation of the Frisky Jenny products has spread into Washington, Montana, and southern B.C. We have decided to expand and offer these products to you. Give them a try. You will be glad you did.

Our fly company has grown to offer over 70 different color patterns in bucktail streamer flies. Averaging 4" long, most of the flies are tied on a Mustad, size 2/0 hook using a 2/0 single trailer. 50# test line is used for the trailer hooks. Only the highest quality materials are used to tie the flies. Every fly is hand-tied carefully as to ensure to achieve a straight running, high quality performance. They catch fish. Big fish, small fish, derby winning fish! At least 12 derby winners have been caught using the Frisky Jenny Flies plus numerous other prize winners of nearly every derby held on Pend Oreille and Coeur d' Alene Lakes in the past 20 years. Used in this area of North Idaho to catch Trophy World class Rainbows, Mackinaw, and Chinook Salmon, these flies have by far placed more fish in local tournaments than any other one lure!

The use of trolling or planer boards is to bring the flies or lures off to the side of the boat and to allow you to cover a larger area of water out to either side of the boat. When fish are to close to the surface the noise of the motor can spook them. As the fish move off to the side of the boat, the boards will bring your lines through the path of the fish. We troll the Frisky Jenny Boards 150 to 300 feet out from the boat most of the time. If the water is calm, we will have the boards out as far as we can. If the water is choppy you can run the boards closer to the boat. Depending on the height of the chop, the desired action can be achieved by adjusting the towing point on the board, the distance of the board from the boat, and various trolling speeds. On each board there is a chain onto which you clip your planer cord. The chain is also used to adjust the action of the board. We usually clip the planer cord to the first or second front link of the chain. The further back you put your towline on the chain, the more action you will have. With the screw in its lowest position you will get a very surging motion with the board. We seldom use this position and prefer the screw in the top hole for a smoother pull. You will have to experiment and see what action works best for you. We found that we do better with less action.

The distance the fly or lure is trolled behind the board determines the action of the fly also. Short distances of 50 to 100 feet will result in a quicker and jerkier action. Longer distances of 125 to 250 feet behind the board will produce a slower action. Sometimes you can have too much action on the fly and end up catching only small fish, or no fish at all. We prefer less action, and most of the time our experience indicates the big fish do too. Most common trolling speeds are from 2.5 m.p.h. to 3.0 m.p.h.. This too, you will have to experiment with to see what works best for you.

Frisky Jenny Fly Enhancer was designed to enhance and condition flies. When the hair is softened or conditioned it will pulsate better and gives the fly a more true and attractive action. It will also add length to the life of the fly. This enhancer is "anise" scented. The 4 oz. bottle is easy and convenient to use.

Frisky Jenny Flies
1904 Kidd Island Bay
Coeur d'Alene Idaho
(208) 667-3474

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