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Lead Free Jig Heads

Our family Thanks You for considering lead free fishing, especially grandson Eli. In Summer 2004 Eli got his first rod and reel and put it to good use. He knows the value of having clean water to fish in and his tackle box is lead free. We invite you to try our environmentally friendly products.

It's been 50 years since I made my first jigs with split shot crimped on Limerick hooks tied with floss. Around 1997 I started pouring lead jig heads & sinkers to supply local tackle shops. Concern about poisonous lead compelled me to research and develop less toxic alternatives. Success! Bismuth-tin alloys could be molded into jig heads that handled like lead and caught fish. I humbly offer you a choice.

Simply speaking, lead can accumulate in animal or human bodies to the point of causing damage. Children are particularly sensitive to lead poisoing. Lead has been restricted for use in gasoline, paint, pipes, jewelry, and any product that might end up inside our bodies. Several countries have banned or limited the use of lead shot for hunting and certain lead sinkers. Several US states & national parks, and Canadian park lands currently have some prohibition on the use of lead shot and fishing tackle. Again simply speaking, you won't have to worry about lead restrictions if you fish lead free.

Although all metals can be toxic in high enough concentrations, metallic tin and bismuth appear to be much safer alternatives to poisonous lead. Tin is used for making "tin cans" and bismuth is actually used in health remedies like "Pepto Bismol". Our standard bismuth-tin alloy weighs about 3/4 as much as lead but the difference is hardly noticeable in use. Bismuth-tin alloys have a much lower melting point than lead and heating for powder paint is not recommended.

Hooks are not created equal - often misrepresented as "premium", standard grade name brand hooks can best be described as having mediocre point quality and wire strength. Our true premium quality upgrade hooks utilize superior chemically sharpened points and tempered high carbon steel. Among your choices are Mustad Ultra Point, VMC Needle Point, Matzuo Sickle, Gamakatsu, and Owner hooks in black nickel and red colors. Standard light wire Ultra Point and Sickle hooks are fine for most fresh water applications, but XS heavier wire options are also available for more demanding applications.

Most jig heads are made with a low melting point bismuth-tin alloy that weighs about 3/4 as much as lead Due to the high price of lead free metals our stock items are limited to 1/4 oz. and under, but heavier castings are available by request. Again, the low melting point bismuth-tin alloy is not suitable for powder painting.

Many more head / hook options are available than listed onsite. However, unlisted items are not inventoried and will require additional time to mfg. & ship. More complete listings are categorized and available by Request :

1. Ultra Point Hook Jig Heads

2. Sickle Hook Jig Heads

3. Plain Ball Jig Heads

4. Extra Strong Hook Jig Heads

Lead Free Jig Heads
P.O. Box 1625
Keaau Hawaii

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