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Crappie Pro

Welcome to Crappie Pro. We invite you to view the incredible selection of products available at our online store. In addition to our signature 'Tail Light' Jig Heads, Next Generation Jig Heads, Solid Body Skirted Jigs and 'Wasshoppah' Plastics, we now offer all colors of the Bobby Garland Baby Shads, Split Tails, 2" and 3" Slabslay'rs, Strollers, Minnow Mind'rs and Scent Wiggl'rs. Also available are an assortment of YUM baits including Beavertails, Vibra King Tubes, Rebel Crappie Cranks and much, much more. Our mission is to provide the 'BEST' to you, the men and women who fish for the KING of panfish. Crappie Pro baits give you a big advantage.
Crappie Pro owners Larry and Janice Russell know that Crappie fishing has become a way of life for many anglers. As shown above, our Crappie Jigs and other Solid Body Baits will give you a big advantage.

Larry Russell, co-owner of Crappie Pro, has fished for crappie all of his life. Years ago, he started using solid body plastics because they were extremely durable, didn't have to be replaced often and caught lots of fish. He knew these baits were hard to come by and sought a way to make them more readily accessible. In 1996 Larry began warehousing baits for a high quality bait manufacturer and Crappie Pro was born.

Located at Lake Eufaula, Oklahoma, Crappie Pro manufactures the very popular "Next Generation" jig head and warehouses the Crappie Pro "Wasshoppah" family of baits. They also carry many other baits and terminal tackle. Larry and Janice invite you to try their baits and experience the difference today. Crappie Pro will never sacrifice quality for low cost and neither should you.

Our Swimming Minnows and Dyno-Shads are injection molded in one piece, with a hand painted back. This lure was designed to imitate the swimming action of a live minnow. They can be fished using the tight line method. To use this method, you should lower the lure slowly to certain depth and stop it -then hold it as still as possible. (This will not stop the action of the lure.) The strike may come immediately. It not, try moving the lure very slowly away from the structure without changing the depth. We have found that many times the fish will move to a lure and just look at it; however, it thinks the bait is leaving it will take it immediately, so be ready! Another method is casting, and counting the bait down to the depth the fish are suspended and begin a slow retrieve. Last but not best, try using a slip float, and a very slow retrieve. This works very well when fishing rivers and spillways, as well as lakes when fishing for schooling fish or over structure.

Crappie Pro
Rt 6, Box 240B
Eufalua Oklahoma
(918) 689-3606

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