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Big Head Crappie Jigs

There are a few subtle features that make these jigs productive, but the key is really the size. These jigs feature 1/4 oz. heads that help to provide great feel and maneuverability in the structure that Crappie love, especially when vertically fishing. When painted these large heads also provide twice the surface area of color provided by smaller jigs, therefore twice the visibility. Combine these with small hooks and you've got a jig like no other, you've got Big Head Jigs.

Big Head Jigs are quality crafted with super sharp Eagle Claw hooks and an epoxy coated paint job for great visibility and durability.

Big Head Jigs are best utilized for vertical crappie fishing. The extra weight gives a much better feel for even the lightest hits and the increased color adds much more visual appeal.

The common misconception is that small heads work better on crappie. While smaller jig heads do provide a slower drop in casting situations, fishing vertically does not require small heads. So why use them!

Stay in the Strike Zone
By using a larger jig head, you can get your lure back into the school of crappie faster and keep it where you want it, even under windy conditions.

Many of the crappie tournament anglers will use 3 oz. weights and larger to keep their baits from drifting while trolling at high speeds. Why not use a larger head jig to provide more visibility, instead of just using a large sinker that doesn't provide any extra fish drawing power?

The large size head combined with a # 4 hook provides the ultimate crappie lure for vertical fishing or trolling. The smaller hook allows you to fish the structure without getting hung up as much. Guides also like the fact that the size resembles the common size prey that Crappie feed on, unlike smaller jigs.

This is the perfect jig for working ledges and deep tree-tops. With it's big head, the jig remains balanced when tied with a loose knot. Use this jig with your favorite color tube.

Big Head Crappie Jigs
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