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Amma Bama

Faithful customers have field-tested these lures for more than a year, but they're new to the website. You'll see what the excitement is about when you follow this link.

These are the original Amma Bama lures, handcrafted to exacting standards since 1973 by Bill Looney of Amma, West Virginia. They are tournament proven and widely considered the best jerkbait anywhere for muskie and northern pike.

Here's why:

hand craftsmanship throughout the 24-stage manufacturing process
field tested and recommended for decades by savvy guides
stainless steel through-wire construction
tournament proven again and again!
Custom colors are available, but please look over the selection here first and find out how your own success with an Amma Bama can land you a free Amma Bama lure for your next fishing trip.

Bill Looney has worked for more than 30 years with tried-and-true designs that mimic the look and behavior of the fish on which your favorite game fish prey.

The original Amma Bama lure is hand crafted in Amma, West Virginia of native linn (basswood), using through-wire construction with stainless steel wire. The hooks supplied with these lures are Mustads, made in Auburn, New York. The hardy and attractive finish is applied using templates patterned after real fish. The results, judging by the fish caught on them, are obviously convincing.

You can see the difference, too, whether you actually fish with Amma Bama lures or display them in a trophy case (relying on information his customers provide, Bill figures a third of his lures never hit the water). Customer satisfaction has been so great over the years that these lures have sold on E-bay for five times their original price!

Do not store your lures in clear plastic boxes, in a very hot car, or anywhere overheating could be a problem. Extreme heat will permanently damage your Amma Bama lure.

The dye in bucktail lures will bleed onto Amma Bama lures and stain the finish, so store these lures separately.

Battling muskies can tear up just about anything, but if your Amma Bama lure is damaged and you think it is salvageable, send it back and we'll repair it for the cost of shipping and handling.

Amma Bama
346 Pine Grove Rd.
Amma West Virginia

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