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Tight Line Anglers Products

Selection of 25 coloured wood, grass, and tube jigs.

Wood Thumper Jig
The above jig is our Wood Thumper Jig. The Wood Thumper comes equiped with a 5/0 round bend Mustad Ultra Point Hook. This jig comes in 5 different sizes from 3/16oz to 3/4oz, all with the 5/0 hook. Not only is this a great jig for fishing around wood but it is also great for swimming to. As you can see from our home page there have been major tournaments won on this jig. All the jigs have rattles on them but can easily be removed if not wanted. The skirt is added after the rattles so if you want to change skirts in a hurry you can. We also use black bands on all our skirts which are more durable and last longer than color bands. All Wood Thumper jigs are equipped with a 1/2 skirt which helps in finesse fishing.

Grass Flippin Jig
The jig shown above is the Flippin or Grass jig. Assembled by hand, Tightline Jigs are a quality product with the durability to withstand the bangs and bumps associated with bass fishing. The jig head is custom colored painted and clear coated to protect it from chipping. The bait keeper barb is molded to the jig head, not added on, to ensure your plastic trailer wont slip or tear during fishing or changing trailers. Each jig head is also equipped with a Mustad Ultra Wide Gap Hook. 1/4, 3/8,1/2 and 3/4oz come with a 4/0 Hook. The 1 abd 1 1/4oz comes with a big 5/0 hook. Something new we have added is all 1 and 1 1/4oz jigs come with a 5/0 Round Bend Hook. These are the only sizes for the Round Bend Hooks. All are made with full skirts that are added after the rattle straps are on the jig. This makes it easy to change the skirts if needed. We use black bands on all of our skirts because they will not break down overtime like colored bands. Give them a try, we know you will love them

Wobble Jigs
We at Tight Line have built a new type of jig. We have taken an Indiana blade that is attached to a Tight Line jig with two split rings and a lock-clip on the blade that will give the jig a strong blade vibration and make the jig have great action. The split rings and lock-clips are very strong and the jig head with a #4 mustad ultra point wide gap hook and weed guard. We have also added a red bead to the front of the blade for even more fish attraction.
In our area of North Alabama alot of fishermen have been using the Wobble Jig at night for Largemouth, Smallmouth and Spotted Bass.
We have two sizes, 3/8 and 1/2 oz, and two blade colors, gold and nickel. There are eight available colors: white, white-chartreuse, black with purple tips, black and blue, Guntersville special, black widow, chartreuse and Guntersville red and orange. Cost for the Nickle Blade Wobble Jigs are $2.99 and $3.49 for the Gold Blade Wobble Jigs, Plus Shipping and Handling.
The Wobble Jig can be fished as a spinner bait or a jig with stop and go action. The Wobble Jig is a jig that really works!

Tight Line Anglers Products
P.O. Box 1163
Hartselle Alabama

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