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Monster Peacock Bass Lures

When it comes to the feeding habits of peacock bass, there is no doubt that their explosive, ferocious strike is unparalleled by any fresh water fish in the world. Although large surface baits such as the Woodchopper have been the most commonly used lure for this species, there are many situations when a sub-surface bait is a better choice.

When peacocks are in a negative or neutral state, the Peacock Minnow offers a more subtle presentation and draws strikes from fish unwilling to chase a surface bait. The Peacock Minnow is much lighter than most top water baits so making repeated casts to likely targets is easier on the fisherman, too! The Peacock Minnow will catch a wide variety of fish in the Amazon. Although the primary target is peacock bass, piranha will also hit your lure with almost the same veracity as the peacock bass. Fresh water barracuda, arawana and dogfish will also try to make a meal of a Peacock Minnow. With all the aggressive fish in the Amazon basin, you never know what you will catch. And there is no need to worry about the next world record getting away as these 7 Peacock Minnows are built by hand with heavy duty 100 lb. split rings, noise making bb's and 4X VMC hooks.

The best way to fish the 7 inch Peacock Minnow is to cast out to the bank, jerk once to get the lure to dart down then begin a medium retrieve using a jerk, jerk, pause cadence. You do not want the lure to reach the surface on the pause; rather repeat the same cadence. The Peacock Minnow will flick from side to side at about a depth of 3 feet. Don't be afraid to vary the retrieve speed or cadence if the bite is slow. The Peacock Minnow is also an excellent bait to troll down the center of lagoons with the big motor or anytime the guide stands on the trolling motor to get from one point to another.

Monster Peacock Bass Lures
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