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T-Man Custom Tackle

The "T-Man Trolling System" has been developed to allow fishermen to successfully troll lures on relatively light rod & reel combos. Using our products in concert with braided lines makes it easy to reach productive depths without having to use wire or leacore line and the dedicated heavier rod & reel combos which are typically associated with trolling. This is not to say that our lures won't work when trolled on wire, leacore, downriggers etc... they certainly do, and if you are proficient at using that type of tackle go ahead and catch them up!!!

But if your like so many anglers who prefer to catch fish on lighter braided line outfits which can also be used for different types of fishing methods such as drifting livebaits, bucktailing, bottom fishing etc... then our system will be just what your looking for.

The "T-Man Trolling System" consist of a slim profile unweighted tube designed to provide maximum action with minimal drag tied to one of our quick change weighted keels. This combination allows the angler to quickly change the weight on the keel to deliver the tubes or other lures to the desired depth.

T-Man Custom Tackle

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