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Stocker Wobbler

BONIFAY, FL - July 10, 2001 - In the early 1940's a small company in
Switzerland developed an innovative trolling lure which has a
dramatically higher catching rate than any other artificial lures.
Based on the fact that predatory fish eat other fish, they designed a
lure to be fished with either a live or dead minnow attached to it.
The final product named "Stocker Wobbler" was patented in 1943 and
soon became the favorite lure of professional fishermen and sport
anglers throughout Europe.

The Stocker Wobbler all-metal lures are mainly handcrafted, consisting
of high-quality spring steel, stainless steel, brass, and cooper. The
Stocker Wobbler #2 is 5.5 inches long and has three strategically
placed treble hooks. The interchangeable brass or plastic bill keeps
the lure in a horizontal position and allows the attached minnow to
move with natural motions. The bill also serves to easy adjust the
trolling depth. Attaching a minnow is done in seconds by lifting the
pointed metal, slipping it into the minnow's mouth, moving the minnow
carefully until it touches the upward bent stopper, and then releasing
it. Two points, placed below the pointed metal, prevent the minnow
from getting loose. "The secret of this lure's success lies in the
action it creates in the water. The minnow, whether it's alive or
dead, gives off the appearance of an injured bait fish and proves to
be almost irresistible to predatory fish."

In 1987, the Stocker Wobbler was introduced to a group of American
fishermen, fishing for Pike and Walleye on Esnagi Lake in Ontario,
Canada. When the youngsters of the group started hauling in fish after
fish using the Stocker Wobbler, the more skeptical veterans and
experts were eager to switch gear also. Rieger Lesiow, the head of the
group quotes: "After 17 years of Canadian Northern Pike fishing I have
yet to find a lure that consistently produces more big fish than the
Stocker Wobbler. It out-fish's any trolling lure I have ever used or
competed against. If you're not catching fish on the Stocker Wobbler,
then the fish are not biting! It's that simple."

The Stocker Wobbler comes with a money back guarantee. If you don't
catch more and bigger fish within 30 days - just send it back for a
refund. No questions asked.

Stocker Wobbler
1947 Marshall Road
Bonifay Florida 32425

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