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Lures International

If you fish offshore anywhere in the world then you have probably heard of Fountain Trolling Lures.
The famous Fountain Pens, Bullets, Devil Dogs and Jet Head Lures have caught fish in at least 5 oceans.

This privately owned and operated company located on Kauai, Hawaii has been making ocean fishing lures for over 30 years.

Do you fish for albacore, bluefin, dorado, billfish, marlin, ahi, bluefish, salmon or any other type of ocean fish? These lures help you come home a winner.

Every trolling lure is hand made and sold skirted or head only.

From Guam to the Sea of Cortez to the Canary Islands our famous Fountain lures have reliably caught fish.

The quality of our lures sets them apart from other similar products. Every Fountain Lure performs exactly as it is supposed to. You know you are fishing with the best when you choose our lures. Here's the part you can't see:
LEAD: just part of the process. Inside each Fountain Trolling Lure is a perfectly shaped piece of lead. The "raw" product comes from discarded lead flashing. The pieces of lead are then melted down, the impurities skimmed off, and the lead is then poured into molds. While we are required by law to label each lure regarding the lead contained, it is encased within the resin head and has no contact with the outside of the lure. The bigger the head the more lead we use.

BRASS TUBING: Some of our trolling lures have jet heads while others have a single tube through which the fishing line is passed. Only high-quality brass is used in all of our lures. Each piece of tubing is hand cut depending on the size of the lure head. The ends of the brass tubing are then polished to make sure that there will be no snag which can cut the line.

RESIN: We use only the best resin when we pour it into a mold. It must be clean and clear. When the resin is dry it is taken from the mold and allowed to cure for about 5 days. It comes out of the mold in very rough condition. After it is dried it is cut into the exact shape the finished lure will look like.

POLISHING: This is the tough part and a highly regarded secret. Polishing is extremely time consuming. Very few people can really polish a lure correctly. We invite you to take a hand made lure from someone else and place it along side a Fountain Trolling Lure. Remember that the lure is used to attract fish, and they are a lot smarter in their habitat than you and I. Good, clean, long lines of flawless resin are a critical component of a lure that will attract fish through a combination of perfect appearance and performance - every time.

As we tell our story about LURES INTERNATIONAL, there are some questions that are asked on a daily basis. The number one question is "Which bait do I use?" Great question! However, there are many different answers.

There are many considerations, including water conditions, time of day, time of year, are you using light tackle or heavy? Then, all fishermen know that we are always worried about time restraints. So the question becomes "How do we maximize our hit ratio?"

If you are traveling afar then you should ask a guide or a local tackle shop what is biting and on what. Show them the lures you have with you. I have never been in a tackle shop where the folks don't want to give out information.

Your lure kit should always contain a 9 JET "B" LULU and either a 9 JET "B" or "T" PURPLE PASSION. medium size bait. They will almost always attract 40lb to 250lb fish. Always keep some smaller lures on hand because you will be surprised as to what they attract.
Keep it simple. Don't change baits every 5 minutes but do troll your lures on both a short line and a long line. Watch your speed over the water. Between 7 to 10 knots will almost always work.

It's been said that if the conditions are right, almost anything will work and while that might be true, you usually don't have the time to wait for perfect conditions or try "anything". Use your time wisely.

If you are after marlin then use any of the 12LB, 12JET, 12M JET, the 12LB LIMITED EDITION or the 12M JET LONG lures. These lures are for big fish and you can run them down the middle of your transom. On the corners use your teasers without hooks. Either use our Fountain Bullets or our Fountain Pen lures.

Teasers or daisy chains are used at the back of the boat and are spread out to attract fish. There are about 6 to 8 lures in the teaser and it is spread out like a big rake. The reason you do not use hooks is that they will foul each other.
And on the topic of "anything goes", if you are ever in Brainerd MN., look up the mayor of Brainerd. He owns the Paul Bunyan park and in his office he has a picture of a large fish being caught on a carrot in Puerto Verdi, Mexico.

Each lure head begins with brass tubing that is molded in a lead insert and poured by hand.

It is covered with abalone shell, mirrors and/or prism paper.

Then the lure head is molded using top quality resin.Finally, it is polished to its finest brilliancy.

The colors are carefully blended with the skirts. Shapes range from common jet blowers to our exclusive “bullet heads”, which may also be used in groups for catching salmon along with other saltwater game fish.

Each lure is double skirted using the finest quality materials from Japan. Using extreme precision, the skirt is tied to the lure head with durable twine, not epoxy. This is but one feature that allows Lures International to boast of its composition.

Skirt colors are blended carefully with the top of each lure head, while the underside is left to reflect brilliantly.

These hand-made lures have been winning international sail fish and marlin tournaments for over 25 years.

Lures International
P.O. BOX 4674
(206) 780-3656

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