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Brighton Lures

Brighton Lure Manufacturing Corporation has produced some of the most successful lures on the market. Their fishing lures have been tested with rave reviews by professional and amateur anglers worldwide, on all types of sports fish.
The secret to the success behind the complete line of Brighton Lure fishing lures is that the company incorporates a patented rib design. This design will ensure that fish cannot resist lures vibration movement through the water while trawling.

Brighton Lure Mfg. Corp
715 E. Aire Libre Avenue
Phoenix, AZ 85022
Toll-Free: (800) 562-3406
Phone: (602) 863-9846
Fax: (602) 863-9846
E-mail: Click here

Brighton Lure lures are an incredibly versatile and effective class of lures. Patented design, these lures are virtually indestructible, and are manufactured in the USA. Brighton Lure lures feature lifelike movement with sub-surface vibration that induces fish to strike. No matter what the fishing situation, there is a Brightonlure lure to match your game.

The Brighton Lure Rib -Minnow fishing lures are used for catching many different types of fresh-water sport fish. The VibraSound technology attracts the fish with sub-surface vibration w hen fishing for big game. Our lures makes wonderful fishing lures for, Muskellunge, Pike, small and large mouth Bass , fresh-water striped Bass etc. Rib-Minnow lures are popular and highly effective and can be used in nearly every type of fresh or salt-water fishing. These lures represent the basic aspect of baitfish, with lifelike movement . A Rib-Minnow lure imitates every baitfish imaginable. Wide variety of colors and sizes to suite your needs.

If you're not catching any fish then the most likely reason is that your lure is not close enough to the fish you seek, so make some effort to get near some of your target fish. You can move or you can change how deep (think 3D, depth is as important as geography) your lure is running. Speed of retrieve is the other great variable, you cannot retrieve too fast or too slowly - vary it. The really important question is where your lure is and how fast it is moving, not what it is.
The only lure a fish can take is the one you are using, so use it as well as you can. Concentrate, feel what it is telling you about the topography of the swim - the depth changes, weed, flow rate etc. Always be in control and in a position to strike. Most of all be constantly aware of exactly where your lure is: How deep? How far away? What it is doing? You may need to repeat its position and behavior precisely to catch another fish.
Good anglers catch most fish and it's generally best to assume that we've quite a bit to learn! An open mind is a great advantage, never let preconceived ideas get in the way of trying something new, the fish do not read lure catalogues or fishing magazines. Learn the right lessons from successes and failures and become a better angler

Observations on using the lures. The body length I've measured without the diving lip, the weights are those quoted by manufacturers/retailers or my own approximations and vary both in accuracy and metric/imperial units. Diving depths are my own estimations, but line diameter must be borne in mind, for bigger lures I usually cast with 100lb Power Pro and troll with 50lb PowerPro or TUF XP, for smaller lures I use 10lb test Power Pro or 20lb test Power Pro or TUF XP. If your line is thicker then they won't dive so deeply.

Rapala SuperShad Rap
Hooker Seducer

Muskie Mania Little Ernie
Muskie Innovations Bull Dawg

Bagley Monster Shad
Nils Master Invincible

Heddon Meadow Mouse
Storm ThunderCrank

Manns One Minus
Rapala Tail Dancer

Bagley Topgun
Salmo Hornet H4SDR

Rebel WIndcheater
Manns Loudmouth 1

Bomber 17A
Salmo Warrior Crank

Muskie Mania Ernie
River Run Manta 8"

Smity Scuttle Bug
Bomber B24 Long A

Luhr Jensen Javelin
Rapala Deep Down Husky Jerk

Bucher jointed Depth Raider
Salmo Fatso Floating

Lureland Spitfire
Luhr Jensen Deep Secret

Brighton Lures
715 E. Aire Libre Avenue
Phoenix Arizona
(602) 863-9846

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