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Konrad Marine

In the 1920’s, Sigfried Konrad, engineered and built a lightweight, efficient outboard motor, the Champion. Years later Sigfried produced a similar, but more economical motor called the Monarch. Both units were produced and assembled in his machine shop in St. Paul, Minnesota. Several thousand were sold to local fishing enthusiasts before he sold his outboard designs to a local manufacturer in the 1930’s.

Sixty years later, Sigfried’s son, Ken, restarted what his father had started. In 1991, Ken entered the marine market as a supplier of Alpha* compatible stern drive components and assemblies. The industry welcomed the flawless precision gear sets and shafts that he manufactured, with the 24 hour delivery service. Within a year his new company, Konrad Inc., introduced the Omega, its own version of the Alpha*. The Omega was quickly embraced by dealers and marine repair shops nationwide.

With this successful entry into the market, Konrad focused on the untapped market in the marine propulsion industry. Exploration began for a versatile sterndrive powerful enough to handle 180-370 hp diesel applications.

In 1995, Konrad designed and constructed a massive underground testing facility, holding up to 80,000 gallons of water and allowing marine testing in a controlled environment year round.

With years of intense testing and engineering, the Konrad 520 was introduced to the marine market in 1997. The 520 is currently serving in many vessels around the world including water taxis, crew boats, fishing vessels, charters, parasail boats, and several military applications around the world. Currently, the US Navy has almost 600 Konrad sterndrives serving the country.

Four years later, the Konrad 540 sterndrive was introduced, with two versions: the High Performance drive and the Recreational drive. This drive is designed for lighter boats that require reliable, durable performance at higher speeds and can handle up to 1000 Nm (738 lb. ft.) of torque. Recreational and high performance installations of the 540 include pursuit vessels, pleasure craft, and high performance racing applications.

When Mercury* announced that parts production would cease for TRS* stern drives, Konrad seized the opportunity and developed a replacement product. In 2004, the 540 PRS (Performance Replacement System), was designed and introduced as a bolt-on retrofit for aging TRS* stern drives.

During the 2006 Miami International Boat Show, Konrad introduced the ACE™ Propulsion System to the high performance industry. The ACE™ package was design with an extension box and external steering for maximum space in mind. This package also comes complete with an integral nose cone, transom assembly and transmission. The ACE™ package offers reliability in an often unreliable market.

Mercury announced, once again, that it will discontinue parts production for another one of its sterndrives. So in 2007, Konrad introduced another drive to the PRS product line: the PRSIII. Similar to the PRS, the PRSIII is the direct bolt-on conversion kit for the obsolete MerCruiser SSMIII/IIIA. This system comes equipped with a HD (heavy duty) upper housing unit, as well as the HP (high performance) lower unit.

The Konrad 520 sterndrive is a hard working drive, designed for extreme working conditions. It can handle up to 738 lb. ft. of torque in diesel or gas applications. The 520 has the power and endurance necessary for many types of working applications, such as fishing vessels, crew boats, water taxis and charters.

The Konrad 540 sterndrive provides excellent propulsion in hard working, speed applications. It is the most versatile Konrad sterndrive, offered in two variations: the 540 standard and the 540 high performance. The 540 is rated up to 750 horsepower and 738 lb. ft. of torque. From patrolling to racing, the Konrad 540 sterndrive can get the job done.

The Konrad 540 PRS has proven to be a fantastic alternative for the obsolete MERCRUISER TRS* Sterndrive system. The 540 PRS package is a direct bolt-on replacement for the aging TRS with no hull modifications necessary. With hundreds of successful conversions on the water, it has proven to handle greater power levels with unparalleled durability and performance. Most conversions can be completed within a day's work.

The Konrad 560 Twin Prop is designed for medium performance applications and engineered to reduce stress on the gears using dual propeller technology. The specially designed lower housing contains two, one piece stainless steel propeller shafts, fitted with line protection seals.

The Konrad PRSIII is the best alternative for the aging MERCRUISER Speedmaster III series* drives. It has greatly simplified the conversion process of the SSMIII, with just a few easy steps. Most conversions can be completed in a matter of just a few hours. The Konrad PRSIII conversion system is delivered as a complete kit including all necessary components to complete the installation in a trouble free manner.

The Konrad Ace is designed to provide performance boaters with a complete propulsion system for offshore vessels designed with maximum cockpit space in mind. The Konrad Ace houses the BAM 1350 heavy duty transmission inside its extension box and is delivered complete with duel ram external hydraulic steering cylinders. Capable of exceeding the demands of the high-performance market, the Ace features state-of-the-art engineering and highest quality components.

Konrad Marine
1421 Hanley Road
Hudson Wisconsin

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