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Fishing Trips and Beach Outings

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We welcome you to join us for what will be a Joyful Event for individuals, families, organizations, churches, teenagers, kids, young adults on our One Day Deep Sea Fishing Trips scheduled on Saturdays Fishing Seasons.

After having a past prosperous season we would like to extend our personalized service to coordinate your Deep Sea Fishing Outing to assure a Memorable Get-a-Way Experience.

With an economical all inclusive priced packages for your convenience and relaxation fulfillments. Please feel free to share this excitable event with others.

Fish Species By Common Name
All fish species, length, limitations, amounts and rules must be obeyed during the fishing seasons...
(Florida, Georgia Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission)
Billfishes: Blue Marlin | Longbill Spearfish | Sailfish | White Marlin
Bluefish: Bluefish
Bonefish: Bonefish
Catfish: Gafftopsail Catfish | Hardhead Catfish
Cobia: Cobia (ling)
Dolphin: Dolphin
Drums: Atlantic Croaker | Black Drum | Red Drum (redfish) | Sand Seatrout | Silver Seatrout | Spotted Seatrout | Silver Perch (yellowtail) | Weakfish
Flounder: (Lefteye Flounders) Gulf Flounder
Grouper: Black Grouper | Gag | Goliath | Nassau Grouper | Red Grouper | Scamp | Yellowfin Grouper | Yellowmouth Grouper | Bank Sea Bass | Black Sea Bass | Rock Sea Bass
Grunt: White Grunt
Herring: American Shad
Jacks: Almaco Jack | Banded Rudderfish | Blue Runner | Cervalle Jack | Greater Amberjack | Lesser Amberjack | Florida Pompano | Palometa | Permit
Mackerels & Tunas: Cero | King Mackerel | Spanish Mackerel
Mullets: Fantail Mullet | Striped (Black) Mullet
Porgy: Grass | Jolthead | Knobbed |Littlehead | Pinfish | Red Porgy | Sheepshead | Spottail Pinfish
Sharks: Atlantic Sharpnose Shark | Bonnethead Shark | Sandbar Shark | Scalloped Hammerhead | Shortfin Mako
Snappers: Blackfin Snapper | Cubera Snapper | Dog Snapper | Gray Snapper | Lane Snapper | Mahogany Snapper | Mutton Snapper | Queen Snapper | Red Snapper | Schoolmaster | Silk Snapper | Vermilion Snapper | Yellowtail Snapper
Snook: Fat Snook | Common Snook | Swordspine Snook | Tarpon Snook
Spadefish: Atlantic Spadefish
Swordfish: Swordfish
Tarpons: Ladyfish | Tarpon

Fishing Trips and Beach Outings
560 Ishman Ballard Road
Atlanta & Newnan Georgia 30263
770 502 9560

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