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Creative Marine Products

"There just isn't a better anchor made!" That is what owners of the Max anchors have said to us over and over. They tell us about its remarkable holding power in hurricane winds, how it always sets the first time and how it sets without the need for chain. Scopes of as little as 1.5 to 1 have been reported to us with good holding! Ease of retrieval is another big plus for all owners. But the best thing about Max anchors according to all owners is that they work in all, that's right, all bottoms!
Without fail! From grass to ooze to coral and all the normal bottoms, Max anchors grab in them all!
Many owners have bought second and third Max anchors, one boat owner has four! In tests carried out by independent boat owners and testing facilities, the Max anchors have out held the other anchors on the market by as much as 6 to 1. The plain truth is that the other anchors do not work in all bottoms whereas the Max does. And in the bottoms that the others do well in, the Max anchors do better. The problems with the other anchors are that they rotate out of the bottom when they become overloaded. The Max anchors creep forward a little but dig deeper when overloaded, seeking harder bottom material and building greater holding power. The prime result of using Max anchors for boat owners is that they all sleep well at night when anchored.

Max anchors have recently been improved. They now have a shank that allows more depth when resting on a bow roller and which has caused the fluke to be further away from the stem of the boat. The Adjustable Max anchor with the pivoting arm is now joined with its rigid brother. The Max with the pivoting arm, with two bolts and three arm settings, is now called the Super Max Pivoting Anchor. The new rigid anchor is now called the Super Max Rigid Anchor. A small skeglike lug at the back side of the fluke now receives a shackle for a trip line. Super Max anchors use a steel imported from Europe that has twice the yield strength of tool steel produced in America. The anchors are hot-dip galvanized for years of protection. Other anchors use an electro-galvanizing process that deposits less than half the zinc on their anchors for minimal galvanizing. They may look prettier in the beginning, but in three years they will turn to rust.

How Super Max Anchors Work:

The Pivoting Arm anchor has three arm positions. In sand bottoms, hard mud, or coral the arm should be in the lower arm position and it should be set with a scope of 5 to 1 with an all nylon rode. If a chain rode is used, the scope should be 4 to 1. For normal mud bottoms, clay, glaciated rocks or pebbles, use the middle arm position with a 5 to 1 scope, or 4 to 1 with chain. For soft mud, ooze or soup, put the arm in the upper arm position and use a 5 to 1 scope or 4 to 1 with chain. If anchoring in a confined area, you can decrease the scope down to 2 to 1 by raising the arm position to the next higher level.

The Rigid Super Max anchor works similarly to a CQR or Delta, inasmuch as you need only to use a 5 to 1 scope with an all chain rode or a 7 to 1 scope with an all nylon rode. In storm conditions, let out the rode further. It will set and hold in all bottom conditions. This anchor has gussets along the shank to provide added strength to prevent bending. There are open spaces at each angling of the shank to allow complete flow-through of zinc during the galvanizing process, but at no loss of strength to the shank. ALL OF OUR SUPER MAX ANCHORS ARE FABRICATED IN THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!

Creative Marine Products
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