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Anne's Anchors

Anne's Anchors - manufacturers of USA made, all steel mushroom boat anchors. Permanent moorings for mud, sand, and combinations thereof. Be sure to see our new Old Fashioned Decorator anchors.
For more than 150 years a well seated mushroom anchor has been the standard permanent mooring in the harbors of New England and Long Island Sound. The bottom in this part of the world is apt to be a combination of mud and sand with varying amounts of rock and clay. Most Harbormasters in this area specify mushrooms for permanent moorings. The long established "a mushroom anchor will hold 10 times it's weight" is a rule of thumb when considering a pull test on a mushroom.

Mushroom anchors seat readily in the soft sand all over the world but must be jetted in many areas where the sand is so hard that the mushroom bounces along the surface of the bottom. We advise consulting with your local Harbormaster for recommendations on dealing with your particular area.

Anne's mushroom anchors are a superior alternative to imported, cast-iron mushroom anchors. Our mushroom anchors are manufactured from 70,000 psi. tensile strength steel vs. 16,000 psi for cast-iron mushrooms. Our anchors provide you with a larger bell diameter, a more aggressive biting edge, and a counterweight to hold the anchor at the right attitude. The absence of a counterweight in the cast-iron mushroom allows the anchor's attitude to change to a vertical position. When the anchor is in the vertical position, the anchor chain can become wrapped around the shaft. This can cause the anchor to lose it's holding power.
The use of similar metals in the design of our anchors has eliminated the problem of cathodic corrosion; that has often been the failure in the cast-iron mushroom. Also, by welding on both sides of the bell and counterweight, the joint formed has the same tensile strength as the base material (70,000 psi).

Mudsucker Anchors

All Steel Construction
Low Profile For Shallow Water
Perfect For Soft Muddy Bottoms
Simplifies Installation Of Floating Docks
Ideal Design For Shallow Water Mooring Of Skiffs, Markers, Or Any Floating Object
Vacuum Created Under The MUDSUCKER Approaches The Holding Power Of Anne's All Steel Mushroom!

The proper seating of a mushroom anchor is as follows: Drop anchor in desired location with scope (line length) equal to 3 times water depth at high tide, circle 3 times in a motor boat (powerful enough to twist anchor into sand) with the line tight. Anchor bell will twist into mud and sand to assure proper seating. The anchor will develop full holding power after approximately 2 weeks of use.

Anne's Anchors

Moundville, Alabama

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