Eastern Long Island - New York

Fishing Report - Eastern Long Island - New York - 06/22/2008
Report: JUNE 10th... Morning…Arik, Gabby and Jimmy…Spin Tackle. Lots of Bluefish…..all sizes. On the way back in I stopped on a flat to check it out. Arik had a live Eel on and ready to go. We spot a niced sized Striper and I tell Arik to toss the eel in it’s path, about 15 feet ahead. He tosses……………………it lands right on the Stripers head and he’s gone!

JUNE 11th…late afternoon…Michael and John Davis…Fly and Spin. Both anglers caught plenty of Blues with Michael landing the largest, about 10 lbs.

Both anglers at one point had a Striper on but lost both.

JUNE 12th…Early morning…John Mannix…Fly-fishing. We stayed in the inlet where John landed a few small Stripers and some Bluefish.

JUNE 13th…Justin Donovan and Billy Bednarz…Fly. Both anglers did well with Bluefish. Justin landed the largest Blue and lost a nice big Striper in the rocks. Billy landed one Striper and lots of Bluefish.

JUNE 14th…Morning…Arik and Gabby…Spin tackle. Once again we found plenty of Bluefish to play with and just before we were going to head back in I reminded Arik about that big Striper and asked if he wanted to try there again…….he agreed. Just as we started on the flat I spot a large fish, it’s a large Striper, maybe 40 lbs.

I direct Arik as to where it is…….look! he aims and tosses the live Eel again on the head of this big fish and it take off with a splash. I rib Arik all the way back to the dock…..two weeks, two good shots, two bad tosses.

JUNE 14th…Afternoon…Jeffery Cash and Chris Gamble…Spin Tackle. At first it was slow but finally we hit into lots of big Bluefish. Both anglers had their fill.

JUNE 15th…Afternoon…Steve Kelly, Frank and Arianna…Spin Tackle. It would be their first time fishing with light tackle using surface poppers. It was an overcast day with a 70 % chance of rain but these anglers were determined to catch some Bluefish….and they did, all sizes. They never stopped even in the rain.

JUNE 18th…Morning…Steve Wright…Fly-fishing. We started out picking up lots of small Blues in skinny water, about two feet. After about an hour of this I moved down a half mile or so and we found a big school of Stripers…..everywhere!
I put on a small white half & half and handed Jeff the rod…no sooner had the flie hit the water it was in a Stripers mouth…zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz hook-up, land the fish, release the fish……cast out….hook-up…so on and so on. Jeff must have repeated this a dozen times before the fish became a little shy. So I moved away for ten minutes and came back with a yellow/black flie…hook-ups again and again. We lost count but what a great sight seeing this many Stripers in shallow water.

JUNE 19th…Full-day…Jeff Strong…Spin Tackle.
I headed to the same spot I found those large Bluefish the morning before and they were there again. Jeff hooked up on the first cast as the popper hit the water.
Other then the False Albie, these large Bluefish are the best fighting fish in skinny water up here in the northeast. When they first hook-up…they run like a Bonefish and when they find there is no where to go (no deep water) they jump and walk on their tails, shaking their heads and blowing their gills like a Tarpon trying to shake the hook. Jeff played with these Blues non stop for four hours. I then headed over to another spot to find hundreds of Stripers slowly moving along the beach. At first Jeff was able to land a few using the surface popper but after a while they got shy of it and just let it ride over them. These Stripers ranged from 24 to 30 inches long and all were completely visible in two feet of water. I gave Jeff a small Swimming plug and he landed a few more but I think the most fun was watching these Bass in such shallow water all around us.

JUNE 20th…Full-day…Michael Salzhauer and his friend Neil aboard Michael’s boat…Fly and Spin.
At first we had to hunt to find any fish, we must have tried three or four spots that are normally productive but were slow on this day. Finally Bluefish…Michael on the bow with the Fly rod and Neil at the stern with Spin Tackle. Both anglers hooking up cast after cast with nice fish. At one point Michael lands a Fluke, a large Sea Robin, a Porgie and two Stripers that measured just under 28 inches. With the Bluefish that give him a great Grand Slam……five different types of fish on the Fly! I took Michael and Neil over to that flat where all those Stripers are and they were there but we couldn’t get Michael’s boat in close enough. When we did get near the wind started blowing us in on them and spooking the fish away. We should have been on my boat.

JUNE 21st…Morning…Arik, Gabby and Daniel…Spin Tackle…live eels. As the guys get in the boat at the dock I start ribbing Arik about that big Striper he missed two weeks in a row and asked if he wanted to give it a try the first thing this morning and get it over with….lol.

He agreed and said "let’s go" and so we did and even though I don’t like trying to sight fish at 8:00 am due to the sun being so low in the sky…we would try. I get to the spot, I am at Arik’s side on the bow with Daniel behind us. I see, we see a large shadow…it looks like a sand shark…it gets closer, about fifteen feet away, it’s a giant Striper in two feet of water. I tell Arik to toss the Eel…..he tosses it in the direction the fish is swimming. We stand perfectly still, quiet…..not a sound. We watch as the fish circles the eel, picks it up and starts swimming off. The bail on Ariks reel is open, the line is playing out………………………………………………………………………..at about a hundred feet I instruct Arik to close the bail but do not set the hook. As the line gets taught, the Eel and hook start sliding out of it’s stomach and the circle hook snags the fish’s lip and so it happened!…fish on, Arik is yelling, everyone on the boat is yelling. There is a small boat about two hundred feet away catching small 3 lb. Bluefish wondering what we are yelling about. It take about 15 minute and the fish is at the boat. I put my bogga grip on it’s lower lip and lift with two hands to slid it over the side of my gunnel. The fish is exhusted, Arik is Exhusted I lift the fish with the bogga that only go’s to 35 lbs. it bottoms out…….flat out…this fish is 40 lbs. Gabby takes three, four photos with Ariks phone camera, I am told I will receive copies this week via Email…when I do I will try to post it on the site.

Capt. Ken Rafferty

From: Capt. Ken Rafferty

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