Montauk Point Long Island - New York

Fishing Report - Montauk Point Long Island - New York - 15/09/2008
Report: SEPT 8th…Afternoon…Gene Sills…Fly-fishing.
The water was still a little cloudy from Hanna’s winds but as I headed east from Eastern Plains Point I found clear water and lots of big Bluefish on the surface. There were some Albies slashing through the water but everytime we tied on an Albie flie the Blues would bite it off. Gene was very happy landing a dozen or so of those 12 lb. Bluefish.

SEPT 9th…Morning…Frank and Donald Oconner, brothers…Spin Tackle.
I headed back to Eastern Plains Pt and found cleaner water and some Stripers among the rocks. Both Frank and Don hooked up with 8 to 10 lb. fish for a total of four Stripers. We then spotted a few Albies that were once again mixed in with lots of big Bluefish. Don hooked up first with an Albie…the line screamed out but it was cut off by a Bluefish. We were not able to hook-up with anymore Albies but both anglers landed lots of large Bluefish using surface poppers.

SEPT 10th…Afternoon…Larry Goldman…Fly-fishing.
This would be larry’s first time saltwater fly-fishing. Today I headed out to the land of giants and to my surprise I had big Bluefish finning on the surface. On Larry’s third cast his flie landed right ahead of a fish, he stripped once and it was devoured immediately and the fight was on. This Blue took off and cleared the water five times just like a Tarpon, blowing out it’s gills while tail walking and shaking it’s head trying to lose the hook. About 10 to 15 minutes later we had it aboard, it weighed in at 14 lbs. Larry landed four more Blues the same way but most of them were in the 10 lb class. Before heading back I made one stop at the tip of Bostwick Pt. and Larry was able to land a small Striper of about 6 lbs.

SEPT 11th…Morning…John DeMeritt…Spin Tackle.
We had a nasty morning with 15 mph east winds and so I headed into Cherry Harbor to stay sheltered and I also knew there had been large schools of full sized Bunker there for about five weeks and when we were about a half mile from the island I spotted the first school that measured about a hundred feet long by 50 feet across. We could see large fish feeding on them from below but couldn’t make out what they were. I gave John a rod with a lead-head jig, the kind you use with a rubber slugo except we didn’t put on a slugo.

John cast out and retrieved as fast as he could and would snag a Bunker. As soon as he had a Bunker hooked it would attract the attention of the predators below and sure enough, Slam! …fish on. These were those large 12 lb. Bluefish eating off the ball of Bunker down deep. John kept repeating this and kept getting hooked up with Blue after Blue. I had tried this same thing a few weeks ago seeing large Stripers below the Bunker on a calm day with full sun overhead and calm water but they would take my Bunker, they wanted the fish that were in the ball.

SEPT 11th…Afternoon…Jerry Lodge…Fly-fishing.
The wind had died down to about three mph and so I headed out to Montauk Point and in forty minutes we were surrounded by False Albacore and schools of Stripers all on the surface under the light house.

It was just to much for words as fish after fish was landed by Jerry. The Stripers were all in the 10 lb. class and the Albies were 6 to 7 lb. class. By five thirty pm. we were back in East Hampton. Jerry said he was exhausted and stated he landed 8 Albies and 14 Stripers plus 2 Bluefish.

SEPT 12th…Full-day…Michael Salzhauer…Fly-fishing.
As we headed to Montauk in Michael’s 28 ft Edgewater I told him that if the conditions were right, be prepared to fish until you drop. It was a little sloppy with a south wind of about 15 to 20 mph but it was worth it. I think it was the best day of fishing either one of us had ever seen. It started out with schools of Striped Bass everywhere you looked. They were right along side the boat….you could reach down with a gaff and lift them into the boat if you wanted to. Michael had landed at least twenty of these Stripers in a row and had to take a few breaks in between so I would grab a rod and land a few. By 11:00 am the Stripers had gathered into small schools and were scattered but not gone. Then the Albies came slashing through the water eating everything you offered them. One after another Michael was hooked up with these speedsters as the line screamed out of the reel. Every once in a while he would hook-up and know it wasn’t an Albie as the rod tip would shake, Bluefish. Michael had six grand slams that we know of….but who’s counting…lolol.

We were back in East Hampton by five pm. Hosing down the boat.

SEPT 13th…Morning…Stan Warshawsky…Fly-fishing.
Since I don’t have the boat at Montauk I have been leaving from East Hampton in the Pathfinder. The 27 ft Rambo is having work done on the engine.

Stan and I were under the light house at 9:00 am as he was landing his first 10 Lb. Striper. The conditions on the water were a little better then the previous day but you had to be careful in the 22 Pathfinder with it’s low gunnels. Stan managed to land 7 Stripers in the 8 to 10 lb. class…. three Bluefish and 2 Albies by 11:30.

SEPT 14th….took the day off…no fishing.
SEPT 15th…30 mph winds from Hurricane Ike…no fishing.


Capt. Ken Rafferty
From: Capt. ken Rafferty

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