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Ironwood Pacific

The AnchorLift anchor retriever system was designed with one thought in mind - to make lifting your boat anchor easier. The AnchorLift floats the anchor up using your boat engine's power, eliminating the need to haul the anchor up by hand. For the active boater or fisherman, the AnchorLift anchor puller makes all the difference between a good day and a bad day on the water.

The AnchorLift anchor puller combines ease of use with top-grade materials and practical design. Simply slide the AnchorLift over your anchor line, anchor as normal, and drop the AnchorLift system in the water. When you are ready to raise your anchor, simply motor forward around your anchor line, break your anchor free, and float your anchor to the surface. The AnchorLift anchor puller's sliding bolt will lock the anchor at the surface for easy retrieval.

Whether you are salmon fishing on the Columbia, catfish angling on the Ohio, or shrimping off the shores of British Columbia, the AnchorLift is the perfect anchor retrieval system for raising your anchor or shrimp pot.

Similar to our AnchorLift anchor retriever, the Anchor Ring is designed specifically for salt water applications where longer lengths of anchor chain are common. Like the AnchorLift, the Anchor Ring anchor puller floats the anchor to the surface with the forward motion of the boat. Once you have used the Anchor Ring, you will never want to go back to hauling the anchor by hand again.

Our Anchor Ring has been specifically engineered to offer exceptional performance and value to the boater. The Anchor Ring anchor retrieval system is offered in several configurations depending upon your needs and anchor weight. Click on the image or the link below to see how the Anchor Ring anchor retriever works.
Why use the Land Anchor as your shore anchor? Because it works! Typical sand spikes (with or without a slide hammer) simply don't have the holding power of the Land Anchor's helix design. There's a reason why marinas use helix anchors to anchor their floating docks: helix anchors are simply that much stronger!

Manufactured from heavy-duty, powder-coated steel, our shore anchors turn into the ground like a big screw. Once at the desired depth, simply tie your shore line to the anchor and be confident that your boat will stay put.


•Perfect as a mooring anchor for keeping your boat or PWC on the beach

•Works great in sand, clay, dirt or mud!

•Helix design offers far superior holding over slide hammer or sand spike styles

•Easy to use

•22" long, 4" helix

•Two Models Available: the HD model with nylon carrying case and a separate turning bar for increased leverage, and the Basic model with an integrated turning bar.

Ironwood Pacific
P.O. Box 1568
Lake Oswego OR 97035
(503) 968-1330

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