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Maine BASS Federation

The mission of this corporation is to promote the sport of bass fishing within the State of Maine in accordance with the goals and purpose of our parent organization known as the Bass Anglers Sportsman Society (B.A.S.S.). Additionally this corporation without bias will always put its members first and with regards to decisions made by its Board of Directors.

The Maine B.A.S.S. Federation Nation is an affiliate of B.A.S.S. (Bass Anglers Sportsman Society). We are an organization of over 200 members that are dedicated to the preservation of our natural resources, the conservation of the valuable Maine bass fishery, and promoting the continuation and enjoyment of our sport through youth and educational activities. Promoting the safe release of all bass caught in our tournaments as well as promoting a Catch Measure Photo and Release mentality.

Our organization has been a leader in youth and conservation issues in the State since our inception many years ago. From lake clean-ups to the graduating of several of our members from a State weed inspection course. It is estimated that our members contribute over 1,500 hours of volunteering in some way, shape or form.

Each year the Maine B.A.S.S. Federation Nation members contribute hundreds of man-hours of volunteering with youth organizations, the elderly, children's camps, veteran groups and with other groups working on conservation projects. The MBFN, as an example, placed loon nests in several of Maine's lakes and ponds as well as built and placed duck boxes in area waters.

The MBFN has always discouraged the illegal spread and importation of any invasive plant. We also do not and will not condone the implantation of any fish species from one body of water to another and are willing to report to the authorities any and all individuals who are caught in either case.

Our goal is to maintain what we have today and control or rid the water of these invaders, not to spread these illegal introductions.

Several of our members are Certified Weed Inspectors and conduct inspections before and after tournaments.

Under the guidance of the MBFN Youth Director Eric Kuehne, the Maine B.A.S.S. Federation Nation started its first Junior Bassmaster Clubs. Mainely Bass of Lyman formed the first Junior Bass Club in Maine named the Mainely Bass Junior Bassmasters. In 2005 Androscoggin Bassmasters also formed the L/A Junior Bassmasters. In 2007 Central Maine Bassmasters added Reel Deal Junior Bassmasters.

We felt a need to introduce our area youth to the sport of bass fishing and all the related aspects of being in an organized club such as conservation, teamwork to name a few. These kids are taught not only the importance of family but how to fish and things like sportsmanship, respect of the outdoors, water and property owners rights. They are taught to be respectful of their environment and how to set examples for others. These junior clubs are also helping the kids deal with any peer pressure that may arise during their adolescence years. All in all it's a sure win for everyone involved.

Other Maine bass clubs have spent countless hours on and off the water with local handicapped children as well as spending quality time with the kids at Camp Sunshine and Pine Tree Society to name a few. As you can see our youth program is a cut above.

Maine BASS Federation


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