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Welcome to, a website designed for anglers located in and around the greater Bay Area. While I was browsing other sites on the internet for local fishing information I had to sift through large amounts of material before I actually located what I was looking for. That’s when it occured to me that I wanted a site that had information on Almaden, Anderson, Calero, Chesbro, Coyote, and Lexington Reservoirs. And since a site like this didn’t exist I decided that I would create it. That night I bought the domain name and two weeks later I went live. Now I’m not claiming to be the best webmaster or fisherman on the planet, but I do know enough to get things done every now and then.

While I had no idea that the site would take off like this I did know that there was definite “need” for something like this. We now have 70 members in our forums with almost 500 posts. We also have a tightly knit community of anglers that have been helping each other out , and that was the whole reason I created this site. On the back end we are getting about 2000+ page loads a day which is pretty darn good. We also are the #1 site when users search “San Jose Bass” or “San Jose Bass Fishing” in Yahoo!. That alone is driving users to our site as well and has been for only a couple of weeks now.

I have some good things in the works at the moment. I should have a “reports section” up and running soon and I finally was able to speak with Santa Clara County special permits person. I’m now know what it takes to host and insure a bass tournament at our local reservoirs and hopefully we can put something together by the end of summer. Having a full time career and being a dedicated husband and father sometimes gets in the way of my dreams of becoming a pro. I also purchased several other domain names and I’m currently working with a graphic design artist to come up with an official logo. I plan on selling t-shirts and sweatshirts to help cover the cost of creating this thing and to cover tournament fees (~$800 per tournament). Recently I’ve been approached by a few bait and tackle shops about advertising here on and here is my official stance on what businesses could advertise here:

I will only advertise businesses that have been endorsed by people on this forum. If it’s a company I haven’t really heard of I will ask around to get some honest opinions. I would also like to keep it local so that we could support these businesses and they in turn could support us by offering discounted products and such.

So there you have it, the most recent update from SJB headquarters (AKA my garage). If you have any questions and or concerns feel free to email me. My email is located in the ‘About Me’ section as I do not like to post it here due to spam bots.

Until next time, keep those lines tight.



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