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Stopper Lures

One moment the slip bobber was there and the next it was going out of sight. Mid winter walleye fishing is best done with a two hole strategy. Fish a jigging spoon in one and a minnow under a slip-bobber in the other. A tip-up can easily be used in place of the slip bobber.

The spoon serves as an attractor, and fish that donít hit the spoon often hit the minnow. When fishing deeper, darker water later in the ice fishing season a two inch spoon in a bright color works best. These include Chartreuse Glow and Chartreuse Perch.

The basic presentation is jigging the spoon with long, high snaps. This causes the spoon to roll over on its side a bit and looks like a wounded baitfish.
A long rod gets more lift or movement than a short rod. Standing up provides even more lift. Experiment with a wild lift and drop and then grab a shorter rod and go to a more subtle lift. I use both a 28 inch and a 48 inch Whip R Rod.

Some days the fish hit on the lift but most days it will be on the drop. Pay attention on the hit and about where the lure is in regardless to the bottom. Fishing rising up high to take a spoon tells you to set your slip bobber or tip-up accordingly.

Stopper Lures
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