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Nelsons Big Fish

NELSON�S BIGG FISH, Inc. offers (exclusively) only Big lures for serious anglers after Big Musky and Northern Pike. Our new series of five color schemes offers a broad selection for both Fresh and Saltwater anglers. The basic �Bigg Fish� jointed lure is offered in 12� and 9� lengths, which covers both trolling and casting options. The unique feature of offering the Bigg 12� and 9� jointed lures with either a scooped or flat blade allows for fishing at 2� to 5� (flat blade) or the scooped blade which runs at 4� to 10� among all types of structure.

Also recently introduced is our new �Shapely Lady� 9� lure, with its unique action, which has proven to be extremely effective on Big Game Fish. This new �Shapely Lady � lure represents a totally new �action� lure to the Bigg Fish Line. No other tackle manufacturer offers any lure even remotely close to this unique Musky size design. The �Lady� lure was developed through consultation with noted Musky fisherman and lure designer, Al Tumas of Wisconsin. Offered in four colors. Its attraction is obvious

The Nelson Big Game Fish �Jointed Lure� is the most versatile and effective lure ever developed to attract Big Northern Pike and Muskellunge. The unique Dual Blade Bigg Fish Lure was developed after eight years of testing the design and action of this �Killer� lure. The blade option offers one basic action with two possible depth levels.

The proven jointed body, natural action of the Bigg Fish Jointed lures are features positively guaranteed to attract Big Fish. Also most Musky and Northern Pike hit on and get hooked on Big hooks (#5 or #6) not the smaller (#3 or #4) hooks on 80% of the Musky Lures sold in the U. S. For better �HOOK� set ask for Nelson�s Bigg Fish Lures. Big fish are guaranteed not to get away because of a hook too small. The Developer states without hesitation, our unique line of Bigg lures will attract big fish and if you are not completely satisfied with the results and performance, we will refund you in full. Try Nelson�s Bigg Fish lures, developed for the serious angler who desires to catch and land Big Fish.

Nelsons Big Fish
3000 S. EADS ST.

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