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Let-M-Run Slip Sinkers

Thank You for your interest in --the Let-M-RunŽ Slip Sinker-- the ultimate in bait control.
The Let-M-RunŽ Slip Sinker was developed by Jim Niekula, a fishing guide in Northwest Wisconsin, who wanted a better slip sinker to help him and his clients catch more fish. Unlike other conventional weights and walking sinkers we all know so well, the Let-M-RunŽ Slip Sinker is designed to keep your bait in the fish zone longer providing greater success for both novice and pro fishermen. For many years, when Jim and his clients were drifting/trolling a drop off, one of them would usually use a flat-type sinker and the other a bullet type.
As they drifted/trolled along the drop, both of their sinkers were rolling or walking down the drop off. By the time the boat reached the school of fish, which had been previously marked with bouys, the bait was well below the fish zone making it difficult to catch fish they knew were there but the bait presentation was not.
Jim started playing around with different designs and finally came up with the uniqueness of the Let-m-RunŽ Slip Sinker. When you use the sinker, you will find that it will remain on the drop off as it slices through the water, keeping it in the fish zone longer.
The old-fashioned, flat-type sinker will usually plane upwards when drifting/trolling at higher speeds. The Let-m-RunŽ Slip Sinker knifes downwards, making it possible to use less weight, adding more sensitivity to the rod tip.
Another big advantage is the Let-m-RunŽ Slip Sinker falls on its side, allowing the line to free flow through the chamfered hole. Let-m-RunŽ also has a small eyelet in the neck, reducing snags and keeping the bait off the lake bottom.
Let-m-RunŽ Slip Sinkers are just as practical when river fishing--providing the same advantage as backtrolling when lake fishing.
The real advantage of this sinker is to keep bait in the fish zone longer, providing greater success for the fisherman.
We hope you will decide to try the Let-m-RunŽ Slip Sinkers. When you do, we're sure that you will be able to tell the difference and you will boat more fish. In any case, take a look around and learn a bit more about our products. If you have any questions, or just want to talk fishin'-- email us anytime!

Let-M-Run System

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Let-M-Run Slip Sinkers
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