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The Future of Night Time Fishing

Welcome to the advance fishing era of GlowMates. GlowMates, once charged, will glow for up to 12 hours. Compared to conventional glow in the dark lures that only glow for 10 minutes or less, the GlowMates give you more fishing time, with a better fish catching glow.

GlowMates do not contain lead, or any radioactive materials. They are 100% environmentally friendly! The brightness and length of GLOWING time are more than 10 times than those of the conventional phosphor zinc sulfide lures, such as those used on most leading manufacturers fishing lures today.

Each GLOWMATE lures are made one at a time by hand. If an irregular or slightly blemished product is noticed, it will in no way affect the performance of your GLOWMATE product. Here at GLOWMATE we find our products to be the finest available. If during the life of your GLOWMATE you are not satisfied, GLOWMATE will replace or refund your GLOWMATE lure(s), upon receipt. Simply submit all requests along with your original receipt to: GLOWMATES P.O. Box 56596, Chicago Illinois 60656-0596.

Got old lures? Don't throw them,
Glow them!
Any single bodied lure sanded, primed,
Glow coated and then sealed,
Only $1.75 per inch!

All Jointed lures $1.50 per inch

Add $1.75 for new hooks and
stainless steel swivels per lure.

After GlowMates Refinishing

Call GlowMates

9 am to 6 pm Monday-Friday
9am to 12 pm Saturday and Sunday

(773) 763-8737
Wrap your lures individually in newspaper, and place in box. Fill remainder of box with crumpled newspaper. Include your name, address, telephone number, and how many lures are enclosed on a 3 x 5 slip of paper inside the box, and include $5.00 for shipping and handling for your order along with the check or money order for the correct amount.

The Future of Night Time Fishing
P.O. Box 56596
Chicago Illinois

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