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Black Bart Lures

The evolution of the Hawaiian artificial lure to this very day still intrigues me. Iíll wager you didnít know that you just couldnít go down to your local tackle store like you can today and pick out a few favorites.

It was a whole lot more difficult than that, either you had to know how to craft your own lures or know some one who could. Trying to gain secrets from the lure masters of that period usually fell upon deaf ears. Lure buying was a straight up simple hand to hand kind of deal and well worth the sometimes lengthy effort needed to acquire them. That was a great era, one that I will never forget.

Today I am able to serve you with the finest artificial lures ever made. I also can supply you with another exactly like your favorite, even if you lost it to a monster! Most importantly every Black Bart Lure you own has stood the test of time, 42 years of making first string spreads for the most discerning big game fishermen worldwide. I want your fishing adventure to be all that you dream it to be. My promise to you is that each of my lures had to compete with the rest, to finally become the best.

Aloha & Great Fishing! Captain Bart Miller


Keep your favorite lures running true and correct with Black Bart original replacement skirts. Every color under the rainbow in the same high quality you come to expect from Black Bart.


Here at Black Bart we talk fishing with customers from around the world every day. Whatís Hot, best combinations of lures to run, lure skirt colors and best rigging methods are the most frequently asked questions we receive. With my pre-rigged lures packs we take away all the guess work. Each pack consists of my all time top producing proven winners! This quick pick shopping allows you to go straight to the front of the line, all you need do is just go fishing, knowing, and feeling comfortable with my carefully handpicked selections that are designed for youíre success and extreme pleasure. Aloha and Great Fishing! Captain Bart Miller


This assembly of my best lures for light tackle fishing is awesome! They range from 7 to 10 inches and are excellent for 10 to 30 lb. class tackle. Every detail to assist you in youíre effort to fish light has been taken into consideration. Size Ė weight Ė shape Ė all thatís left for you to do is hook up with the thrill, and that part is a given when trolling Black Bart lures.


Medium to heavy tackle lures means to me that this grouping of lures is capable of working well with heavier rods, reels, hooks, and leader. They are designed with larger fish in mind, usually not sized quite to the degree of heavy tackle yet still very able to attract the prey, get the bite, and subdue the fish in a sporting manner. Medium tackle is very popular for that very reason. Fish my medium tackle 9-13 inch lures and know the pleasure of success whilst trolling.


Big GunsĖBig Tackle, 80-130 lb. to Unlimited. Now we are talking big fish, maybe even Tu Tu (2500) pound Marlin be she Black, or Blue no one has ever accomplished this fete on rod and reel. During my professional skippering days in Kona Hawaii I targeted this dream coming very close but no cigar. What I did leave behind were the lures that are most likely to win you tournaments, personal bests, Granders, maybe even the elusive Tu Tu will pay a visit. My heavy tackle lures are designed to be Dangerously Perfect, ask any Pro.


It is always extra special when another professional has high marks for the products I design, here is one from the best of the best Captain Bobby Brown. "I have been fishing with lures dating back to the late 50's while fishing in Hawaii, and have used lures from almost every lure maker, including lures I made my self in the 60's and 70's. I feel that Bart's lures are a step above everything else on the market today, both in the craftsmanship, and the way they troll. I always have at least a couple, sometimes a full spread of them when I am trolling lures. I can't say enough about Brasilliano, Lunch and Extreme Breakfast as teasers Bartís line of lures are probably the best." Capt. Bobby Brown


BLACK BART LURE CHAINS For many years I experimented with spreader bars and daisy chains, my conclusion is good ones are PRICELESS. When all else fails or you just like to take this cutting edge advantage, daisy chains can provide that meat ball bait effect better than any other method. Watch you're wake well up with schools of Tuna, White Marlin, Stripe Marlin, Dolphin, Wahoo, Blue Marlin & Blacks. They all show up when the dinner bell rings. Black Bart Lure Chains are tuned, then tweaked even further for maximum effectiveness, I guarantee that my chains will peak the prey drive of you're target fish into a frenzied suicide parade right up you're wake. Aloha and Great Fishing! Captain Bart Miller

Black Bart Lures
155 East Blue Heron Blvd.
Riviera Beach Florida
(561) 842-4550

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