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Captain's Models

Captain's Models takes great pride in building the finest scale model boats possible, whether it is one of the many models that we have created "tooling" for, or a custom built, one-of-a-kind model...

Each of our model yachts is "built to order", not mass produced. The time, skill, & patience required for each model is more than most folks would ever imagine.

Building a miniature yacht is very much like building a full size yacht..

"Tooling" is created from drawings or CAD files of the actual yacht. In other words, we must first build "MASTERS" of the essential components, such as hulls, decks, superstructure, and, in many cases, the flying bridge. These masters or "plugs" are used to create the molds in which various structural parts may be created in fiberglass.

The value of building in fiberglass is in its structural integrity, accuracy, and impervious to climatic conditions; dry or humid. It is also light weight and retains a painted finish that is superior to any other sub surface. No cracking or pealing do to age or climate.

Attention to detail, fit & finish is paramount when creating a work of art, and as everyone says, "Your model boats are truly a work of art."

When we build your model, it will feature the boat's name, port of call, and other features such as bottom paint, boot stripe colors, and Sunbrella FabricŪ colors that are unique to your boat, again, this can not be done if they were mass produced!

With a miniature router, we cut out each window opening and fit it with a window, then we put the appropriate window covering behind that!...Venetian blinds, curtains, and in some cases, open for a clear view of the finished helm area INSIDE THE CABIN!

One can not go out and buy the fittings that are required on models of modern yachts. Therefore, we make each fitting for your model, and that requires meticulous machine work, hand work, and casting. While a few parts are permitted in plastic or resin, most of our fittings are of brass, aircraft aluminum, bronze, stainless steel, and nickel silver.

We searched the world over for flags that would do justice to your model, and found nothing. So we decided to have them made to our specifications by an artist who specializes in such things as scarves & ties for the Lincoln Center! Each American & Canadian flag is hand printed on 100% pure silk, using organic inks and is completely water-proof. Flags are attached with polished brass fittings to a lathe-turned staff of teak, mahogany, or cherry. We feel that if AMERICA'S FLAG is going to be flown, it should be the BEST, and we extend this courtesy to our good Canadian neighbors as well.

Many of our models may be ordered & built to be fully operational, including working lights. We have produced many radio controlled versions of the models you see below, as well as a number of one-off custom made models. We use the finest equipment & electronics for these model yachts, including many with split-throttle features allowing you to have control over each motor, just as you would on the full size yacht. We use Vantec Electronic Throttles for optimum dependability. These are totally electronic, and not wire wound rheostats!.

We manufacture our own drive shafts in stainless steel, and make our own brass shaft tubes with lubrication ports. Rudders are all hand made for ALL of our models, display or operational, from heavy brass, and ball joint couplings used throughout. Universal couplings from the electric motors to shafts are all specialized fittings, not an off-the-shelf- hobby shop item! All internal components are attached to an aluminum framework with stainless steel, socket head machine screws. All working gear is fully accessible and easily maintained. Each working model is supplied with an "Owner's Manual" explaining the specifics of their individual model yacht.

Captain's Models
P. O. Box 519
Cottage Grove Oregon

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