Montauk Point Long Island - New York

Fishing Report - Montauk Point Long Island - New York - 26/09/2008
Report: SEPT 16th…Morning…John Wolfer…Fly-fishing.
At 7:00 am we were under the lighthouse at Montauk. Striper blitzs all around us but no Albies anywhere. John landed 16 Stripers, all were in the 7 to 8 lb. class. He also landed 5 Bluefish one of which weighed 10 lbs.

SEPT 16th …Night fishing at Plum Gut aboard John Barton’s new 25 ft Grady White center console.
Along with John and I were my sons Ken Jr. And Ron. We started fishing at 12:00 am (midnight) and were back at the dock in Sag Harbor by 5:00 am. All three anglers landed Stripers all night long but there was nothing worth taking a photo of. Every fish was just about 28 inches long.

SEPT 17th…Afternoon…Sean Patrick and Jeremy Cole…Fly-fishing at Montauk Point.
Big blitzes, everywhere you looked. Some of these schools of Stripers surrounded my boat. They were so close you could hear them slamming the hull. If you had a gaff and were inclined to you could have filled the interior of the boat in 15 minutes. Both Sean and Jeremy had never seen blitzes like this and landed more fish then they ever had in their lives. Once again………no Albies but there were plenty of larger Bluefish to eat your flies.

THURSDAY, FRIDAY and SATURDAY were blowouts with heavy winds….no fishing.

SEPT 21st…Morning…Ed Shugrue…Fly-fishing at Montauk Pt.
We found lots of fish breaking water out at the elbow but none were Albies…..just 8 lb. Bluefish and Ed landed plenty of them. He also hooked up with a few Stripers and landed a nice 30 incher. We left Montauk at about 2:30 pm and headed back to East Hampton. I was told by two good sources that the Albies were back at the point and they were so thick you could walk on them.
SEPT 22nd…East North/east winds…No fishing
SEPT 23rd…East North/east winds…No fishing
SEPT 24th…East North/east winds…No fishing

SEPT 25th and 26th the Redbone Fishing Tournament was scheduled at Montauk Point. We had 38 boats with 76 anglers ready to go but the weather blew us out and it was canceled as Thursday produced East North/east winds of 25 mpg with 20 to 25 foot seas at the point and Friday was even worse.

Now we have this unnamed tropical storm hitting us and tropical storm Kyle down in the Atlantic which will most likely head up into Maine….hopefully.

P.S. I now have both boats in the water, The Rambo in Montauk Pt. and the Pathfinder in East Hampton. Lets see some Albies around Gardiner’s Bay.

Capt. Ken Rafferty
From: Capt. Ken Rafferty

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