Montauk Point - New York

Fishing Report - Montauk Point - New York - 17/10/2008
Report: This is that time of the year when you never know what the weather will do. But when you can get out, it's worth it!

SEPT 29th...Full-day...Dr. Mark Rubin and his father Dr. Bob Rubin...Fly and Spin.
Montauk is going nuts with fish, blitzes everywhere, north and south side. Trying to keep track was hard on this day but we do know Mark had three slams on the fly (Stripers, Albies and Blues) and many, many additional Stripers and Blues. Bob landed Blues and Stripers and lost two Albies.

OCT 1st...Late-day...2:30pm till 6:30pm Mark and Bob Rubin.
We couldn't count how many blitzes there were on the north side from the light house down to Shagwong pt. There were so many fish you didn't have to look for a blitz, all you had to do was cast and you would hook-up with fish that were on there way to join a blitz. This day both anglers had lots of Grand slams.

OCT 2nd...Northwest winds of 25 mph...No fishing.
OCT 3rd...Weather was still bad...No fishing.

OCT 4th...Morning...John DeMeritt...Spin Tackle.
The weather calmed down and we headed out to find more Stripers, Blues and Albies. John had at least six slams.

OCT 5th...Windy...No fishing.
OCT 6th...Windy...No fishing.

Oct 7th...Late afternoon...Sean Patrick...Fly-fishing.
Once again we ran into blitzes as soon as we were east of Shagwong pt. and they continued all the way out to the light house. Sean had four grand slams that we know of and then we lost count of what type and how many fish were landed. At one point he had a good sized Striper on and after about ten minutes it broke his rod and the line was cut down in the rocks.

OCT 8th...Late-day...Brad Pullman and his friend Jeff...Fly-fishing.
We headed out at noon and rounded the point to the southside where we found Albies busting on the surface down by the old Andy Warhole estate, where they both landed a few. A little later we fished near the shore in among the boulders picking up Stripers in water that was so clear you could see the bottom, 15 feet below and watch the fish going by chasing bait. Both anglers had three slams and to many Stripers to count.

OCT 9th...Late-day again with Brad and Jeff.
We tried to repeat the previous days fishing but couldn't find Albies anywhere and so it was Stripers and Bluefish on the northside. At one point there were so many Stripers around the boat you would once in a while hear them slapping against the hull while swallowing mouthfuls of bay Anchovies.

OCT 10th...No fishing.

OCT 11th...Late-day...Dr. Mark Melrose...Spin Tackle.
We had intended to fish in the early morning but it was little to windy so we waited until noon to head out and it payed off. At first Mark had trouble hooking up although there were lots of fish around us in large schools. I kept changing lures, colors, types and sizes but the first hour was a bust.

Finally Mark hooked up and landed a Bluefish that was mixed in with a thousand Stripers...but at least we had one on the boat. After that almost every cast produced a Striper or a Blue right until it was almost dark. Once again no Albies anywhere.

OCT 12th...Late-day...My son Ken and three of his friends, Jon York, John Landi and John Barton were on board....lots of Johns, we might as well have been in Reno, Nevada.....lololol.

We were on the water by 2:00pm. Put on 32 miles by 6:30pm. We were surrounded by 25 other boats and only seen one fish landed on Tom McPartland's boat by his son James on the Fly-rod. Where did all those fish go that were here for days and days?

OCT 13th...Full-day...Michael Salzhauer, aboard his boat...Fly-fishing.
As we left the from Three Mile Harbor at 10:00am I told Michael about the previous days fishing and how bad it was that four anglers in four hours hadn't caught a fish.....Michael looked Our goal was Montauk but we headed first to Bostwick Pt. on the west side of Gardiner's Island in hopes of finding some Albies but had no luck. From there we went to Eastern Plains Pt. where we found lots of Bluefish busting the surface but no Albies so we set a course straight for Montauk.

We passed Shagwong and all the way to the light house we didn't see a fish or a bird until we came around the point. There must have been 25 to 30 boats along the shoreline with fishing busting everywhere, Michael hooked up on his first cast...a nice Striper. The fishing remained hot all day long, Striper, Striper, Striper then a Blue.....just like that a three for one ratio but no Albies. We hated to stop for lunch but there were so many fish it didn't matter. Michael stated it was one of the best day of fishing he has ever had and figured he landed well over 25 Stripers and at least a dozen Bluefish, I think his count was light. We fished until 5:00pm and headed back to East Hampton.

OCT 14th...Late-day...Lou and Tom Fedi, brothers...Fly-fishing.
Both Lou and Tom are Fresh water Fly-fisherman, this would be there first time fishing saltwater. At 2:00pm we were on the water and it was a repeat of the previous day, Stripers everywhere and once in a while a Bluefish to keep you making Flies....lolol. Neither angler could believe there eyes when a blitz occurred, they would stop casting and just stare in amazement. Tom said the sound was like a giant waterfall.....almost deafening. Both anglers were exhausted as we headed in at 6:00pm.....once again no Albies.

OCT 15th...Late-day...Michael Davis, his son Johnny and their friend Will...Spin Tackle. We headed out with the last of the outgoing tide and a light east wind so it made the ripe at Shagwong and the point not very easy to stand up in. But that wasn't the bad part of the day...we couldn't find any Stripers never mind Albies. We had about 20 small blitzes along the north side but all were Bluefish. Everyone on board hooked up and landed Bluefish a few times but this is not what you expect from Montauk this time of the season.

OCT 16th...Early morning...Richard Bettis...Spin Tackle.
This was Richards first time fishing out here on the east coast in salt water. I headed out at 7:00am and we found nice schools of Stripers along the north side in near Oyster Pond. Rich landed about five or six before he hooked up with a 8 lb. Bluefish, he said he thought he had a shark on as it peeled out his 10 lb. test. We finished up by 11:30am with rich landing 21 Stripers and 14 Bluefish.

The largest Striper we landed so far this month was 38 inches long and weighed 22 lbs. I am finding the average size of these Stripers is about 27 inches long but when there here they are in big schools. I assume the larger Striped Bass will wait until the water temp drops is still 62 to 64 degrees.

Capt. Ken Rafferty

From: Capt. Ken Rafferty

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